Brooklyn Music School Launches New Music Therapy Program

NEW YORK, Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Brooklyn Music School (BMS) announces its new Music Therapy program, offering services for individuals and groups, from ages 5 to 95, beginning in October 2018. Group sessions and classes run in 10-week cycles and take place at 126 St. Felix Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Tuition starts at $22 per class and registration is available at For Individual Sessions and more information, please call (718) 638-5660.

BMS Music Therapy offers a range of exciting programming including weekly Sound Meditation classes in the morning and evening, relaxation and creative expression for seniors, and creative expression through music for all ages. BMS Music Therapy provides option for both individualized and group therapy, so as to meet the specific needs of children and adults in Brooklyn's diverse community. In the therapeutic relationship, the emotional, psycho-social, and developmental needs of our clients are considered and addressed in the process of creating music together through mutual and mindful listening, creative inquiry, and self-expression.

Music therapy services are provided by board-certified, licensed music therapists and seasoned sound meditation practitioners under the clinical supervision of our Director of Music Therapy, Katie Down, (MT-BC, LCAT). All of our sessions are in compliance with the HIPAA and AMTA Codes of Ethics & Standards.

"Creative arts therapies are now recognized as an essential component to health and wellbeing in hospitals, clinics, and schools. BMS music therapists are trained in the most up-to-date music therapy practices in order to provide a high standard of services," said Katie Down, Director of Music Therapy. "Music has a way of connecting us no matter our age, cultural background, cognitive and physical ability, and these approaches can help to relieve pain and anxiety, enable positive thinking and creativity, and facilitate a profound sense of wellbeing and connection."

"Brooklyn Music School was an innovator in the area of music therapy dating back to World War I, when our faculty employed music as an effective tool to heal returning soldiers whose bodies and souls had been shattered during the Great War," Said Crocker Coulson, Chair of the Board of Trustees. "In the intervening decades, music therapy has proven to be efficacious in treating a wide range of issues, from autism and mood disorders in young people to promoting rehabilitation from stroke and remediating Alzheimer's in the aging. We are extremely gratified to reintroduce this important discipline."

Programs include:

  • "Musikids" groups of up to 8 for ages 5 to 7 focusing on basic development and cognitive skills, socialization, cooperation, and always a sense of play!
  • "Golden Calm" for senior groups, ages 60 and up to help with, focus, memory enhancement, gross and fine motor skills, and social connection through music, gentle yoga stretches, breath-work and guided meditation.
  • "Music and Mindfulness" for all ages focusing on contemplative practice in deep listening, relaxation, and connection through music and sound with lessons in the basics of mindfulness with helpful tools to create our own meditation practice with sound and music.
  • "Individual Sessions" providing music therapy and music psychotherapy for all ages with a board-certified music therapist and/or LCAT in a dedicated classroom with privacy that can accommodate the needs of each client to be able to express themselves through music.

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Contact: Michelle Tabnick, (646) 765-4773,

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