Pfizer selects its candidate for the oral GLP-1 race as Eli Lilly strives to overtake Novo Nordisk in the injectable weight-loss drug space. Meanwhile, pressure builds to reduce drug prices in the U.S.
Restructuring can invite lawsuits if companies aren’t careful. Following local, state and federal rules is critical, as is keeping the employee handbook current.
Some analysts say so, and a recent study suggested Lilly’s tirzepatide beat Novo’s semaglutide at inducing weight loss, but there are other factors in the market race. 
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The Federal Trade Commission criticized the business practices of pharmacy benefit managers this week, but drugmakers are also at fault for the high costs of medicines.
AstraZeneca joins Johnson & Johnson and Bristol Myers Squibb in appealing a previous legal loss for its challenge to the government’s drug price-setting program.
Citing the need for another human factor study and more technical data for the final product, the FDA denied approval of Orexo’s nasal spray rescue medication for opioid overdose.
This week, Carina discusses how to transition into a career in biotech when you don’t have lab experience. Plus, handling difficult interviews and getting a “dry” promotion.
Backed by Bain Capital, Cardurion Pharmaceuticals will use the Series B funds to advance two assets for heart failure and other cardiovascular conditions.
Asceneuron, which develops small molecules targeting tau protein aggregation, plans to use the funds to advance its Alzheimer’s disease asset into Phase II.
To help keep pace with the demand for GLP-1 therapies, CordenPharma has announced a sizeable $980 million investment in its U.S. and European sites.
To improve its reviewers’ understanding of cell and gene therapy manufacturing, the agency has launched a program that will involve a tour of manufacturing facilities and daily workshops for its staffers.
After discontinuing its long-acting insulin product Levemir, Novo has again found itself under legislative scrutiny, with three Democratic senators seeking a sit-down with the pharma.
Vertex has filed a complaint against the Department of Health and Human Services, seeking to make its fertility preservation program available to federally insured patients needing Casgevy treatment.
Cell therapy biotech Artiva Biotherapeutics plans to use the funds raised to support the development of its AlloNK therapy for systemic lupus erythematosus.