Preliminary Phase II Data Show AHCC® Supplementation May Support the Host Immune System to Eradicate the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in Women


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. /PRNewswire/ -- Preliminary results from one of the presentations made at the recent Society for Integrative Oncology 15th international conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, showed that that daily supplementation with AHCC® could support the host immune system to eradicate Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection in women with HPV-positive PAP smears.

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Early results of the ongoing clinical trial evaluating AHCC® for treatment of HPV were presented by principle investigator Dr. Judith A. Smith of McGovern Medical at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study is following 50 women for up to 12 months, with one group taking six capsules, each containing 500 milligrams of AHCC® (n=25), and a second cohort receiving placebo (n=25).

At the time of the preliminary analysis, 46 patients had completed the study. The results showed that at six months, 58.8 percent of the patients taking AHCC® showed no signs of the infection. In the placebo group, one patient showed no signs of the infection at three, six,9 and 12 months of study. AHCC® was well-tolerated in patients who received it. 

"There currently is no standard of care for persistent, high-risk HPV infections so we have been taking a systematic approach over the past 10 years with our research. We have studied AHCC® from bench studies and two pilot studies that supported rationale for our current ongoing phase II clinical trial to evaluate AHCC® supplementation to support the host immune system to clear persistent HPV infections" Smith said about her research. "The goal of our research is to offer women a safe, clinically evaluated approach to clear persistent HPV infections."

What is AHCC®?

AHCC® is a natural immune-modulating compound derived from a unique fraction of specially-cultured medicinal mushroom mycelia (roots) which has been clinically proven to modulate the immune system.  AHCC® is supported by more than 30 human clinical studies and more than 50 papers in PubMed-indexed journals (

Studies indicate that AHCC® works as an immunotherapy by using the body's own immune system to help fight disease. Human and pre-clinical studies have shown that AHCC® increases the number and/or activity of natural killer (NK) cells, killer T-cells, dendritic cells, and cytokines, which enable the body to effectively respond to infections.

Previous clinical research on AHCC® has focused on oncology and hepatology.  One 10-year prospective cohort study published in the Journal of Hepatology followed 269 patients with advanced hypercellular carcinoma showed that those taking AHCC® had statistically significant lower tumor recurrence rates (34.5% vs 66.1%) and longer 5-year survival rates (79.6% vs 53.2%).  Multiple other studies have demonstrated that AHCC® improves immune parameters and quality of life of cancer patients.  In the field of hepatology, AHCC® has been shown to reduce viral loads in patients with hepatitis C and to help subjects with non-viral liver disease.

HPV is the latest indication for which the benefits of AHCC® are being explored.

Mission of the AHCC Research Association

The mission of the AHCC Research Association is to increase public awareness of AHCC® in integrative medicine, educate patients and doctors on the preventative and therapeutic benefits of AHCC®, and to support further clinical research. The association is committed to advancing the clinical validation of the natural compound "AHCC®", which is commercially available under various nutritional supplement brands throughout the world.

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