Alpenglow Biosciences presents the 3D Spatial Summit, an inaugural event for the field of 3D Spatial Biology to take place on September 21, 2023 in Cambridge, Massachusetts


CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Alpenglow Biosciences (Alpenglow), creators of an innovative end-to-end 3D spatial biology platform and suite of quantitative spatial statistical analysis tools, revealed their first annual 3D Spatial Summit scheduled for September 21, 2023 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The inaugural Summit stands to become the premier event focused on the emerging field of 3D Spatial Biology. The event will encompass essential tools, data processing, and data analytics capabilities necessary for extracting meaningful biological insights to support scientific discovery and the advancement of life-saving therapeutics. "We are pioneering an entirely new set of tools in an emerging space that will be critical to finding the next generation of cures for cancer and other diseases," stated Nick Reder, MD, MPH, CEO and Co-Founder of Alpenglow Biosciences. "We are bringing together the brightest minds and leaders from both industry and academia to highlight specific use cases where these tools can significantly contribute and discuss the challenges to adopting these technologies."

Alpenglow Biosciences presents the 3D Spatial Summit, an inaugural event for the 3D Spatial Biology field

"Previously, spatial biology was confined to two-dimensional data extracted from limited tissue portions obtained from patients for diagnosis or research and was inherently biased due to the absence of the critical deep dimensionality offered by complete tissue samples. The introduction of 3D imaging and image analysis tools resolves this crucial gap, ushering in a new paradigm of 3D spatial biology with targeted biological applications to address unmet needs," added Reder.

The 3D Spatial Summit features an impressive speaker list comprising key opinion leaders from academia and industry to offer varied perspectives on the burgeoning application of 3D spatial biology in answering pivotal disease-related questions. The symposium will commence with a keynote presentation by Dr. Denis Schapiro, Group Leader and Head of The Schapiro Lab at the University Hospital Heidelberg. Dr. Schapiro's lecture, titled "From Oncology to Cardiology: Spatial 'omics for topographic biomarker discovery," will delve into the use of spatial biology technologies across diverse disease states. "I commend Alpenglow for its leadership in drawing experts from industry and academia to explore exciting advancements, applications, and needs within this domain," remarked Dr. Schapiro. "Conversations like these are crucial for fostering dialogue and propelling innovation." Other speakers at this event represent esteemed academic institutions and centers of excellence, including Harvard, the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology, a Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science component at Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center. Industry speakers include thought leaders from Incyte Corporation, GE Healthcare, Vertex Therapeutics, Incendia Therapeutics, and Digital Biology. For a comprehensive roster of speakers, affiliations, and presentation titles, kindly visit

About Alpenglow Biosciences

Alpenglow Biosciences is an industry leader in3D spatial biology with its Aurora™ 3D Spatial Biology platform, a revolutionary technology. The Aurora™ system encompasses the 3Di imaging tool, the 3Dm software for data processing, and the 3Dai spatial statistics toolset. This platform seamlessly integrates deep tissue imaging with data processing and harnesses machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to extract meaningful insights from tissue images, fostering advancements in drug discovery and research. Alpenglow's solution for whole tissue imaging is non-destructive, slide-free, and direct to digital. Alpenglow is a venture-backed company focused on accelerating drug development and improving clinical diagnostics with their AI-enabled 3D imaging technology. Alpenglow partners with pharmaceutical companies to bring better therapeutics to market faster through greater understanding of mechanism of action, efficacy & toxicology, and patient trial enrollment using their patented technology. Five of the top 10 pharma companies work with Alpenglow to accelerate development timelines, save costs, gain new insights, and improve therapeutic success. See what you've been missing at


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