Selexis SA And Xencor Enter Strategic Agreement, Strengthening Existing Relationship For Multi-Specific Antibody Cell Line Development

Geneva, Switzerland, 3 November 2016 – Selexis SA, a pioneering life sciences company and a global leader in mammalian (suspension-adapted CHO-K1) cell line generation, announced today it has entered a new strategic agreement with Xencor, Inc. (NASDAQ: XNCR), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing engineered monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, asthma and allergic diseases and cancer. Under the terms of the agreement, Selexis will provide various cell line-related services that include personnel, laboratory equipment, laboratory space and access to the SUREtechnology Platform™. As part of the scope of work, Selexis scientists will collaborate with Xencor scientists and project leaders on selected multi-specific antibody gene expression and cell line development programs.

“We are pleased to expand our relationship with Xencor, a company that is a clear leader in antibody engineering and that values a collaborative approach, as evidenced by its world-class partnerships with leading drug development companies,” said Igor Fisch, PhD, chief executive officer and chairman. “This agreement will leverage Selexis’ ability to quickly provide high performance recombinant therapeutic development solutions to support Xencor as it advances its pipeline of multi-specific antibody drug candidates. We have strived to forge a working relationship that ensures the highest quality and service in a diligent and expedient manner.”

This agreement strengthens the strategic business relationship that began between Xencor and Selexis with a service agreement in 2011. Since then, the relationship between the two companies has matured into a multi-cell line product license and now the strategic collaboration agreement.

“Xencor has a deep pipeline of multi-specific antibody drug candidates, and plans to initiate multiple new development programs,” said Bassil I. Dahiyat, PhD, president and chief executive officer and director, Xencor. “Working with Selexis, a company that set the pace of innovation in protein expression and established new benchmarks in bioproduction for more than a decade, will allow us to drive our programs forward with even greater speed and flexibility.”

About Selexis SA

Selexis SA is a pioneering life sciences company and a global leader in mammalian (suspension-adapted CHO-K1) cell line generation, providing unparalleled proprietary technology and the highly specialized expertise that is necessary to translate scientific innovation into life-saving medicines for patients. Selexis’ SUREtechnology Platform™ facilitates the rapid, stable, and cost-effective production of virtually any recombinant protein and provides seamless integration of the bioproduction continuum, spanning discovery to commercialization. With nearly 90 clients worldwide and more than 70 drug products in clinical and commercial manufacturing utilizing its cell lines, Selexis has a history of empowering scientists and biopharmaceutical companies around the world to realize the full potential of their research.