ASH Heats Up, Plus Alkermes' Huge I-Told-Ya-So

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I wouldn't ordinarily highlight an equivalence study, but this one is significant: Alkermes took a lot of flack for "using politics" to promote its addiction treatment Vivitrol, despite it being--according to some--inferior to suboxone. It was thought that, because suboxone is intoxicating and Vivitrol isn't, the latter appealed to the puritanical instincts of lawmakers, particularly conservative ones. Well, it turns out that Vivitrol appears to work just as well as suboxone.

Meanwhile, temperatures have been rising as we get closer to ASH--that is, the American Society of Hematology annual meeting in December. We've already seen some important updates from bluebird bio, Juno Therapeutics, Agios Pharmaceuticals, and more. Read on for some of this past month's most significant clinical news.  -KT

Here's a roundup of these stories and other top clinical news from the past month.

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