The Art of Drafting a Perfect Cover Letter in 2021

Cover Letter

Let’s be real; a cover letter is essential when applying for different positions.

That means there is no way you can skip the process if you’re looking for a job and want to stand out. A great or well-crafted cover letter is not just the summary of your resume. It is your chance to tell hiring managers that you’re the person they’re looking for.

If you’re considering preparing for your next interview, know that you need to learn the art of drafting a perfect cover letter to show that you’re a great match for the position. 2021 has raised the bar for recruitment, with thousands of job seekers competing for the same position.

That’s why learning the art of writing a cover letter is essential to master. Keep in mind that your cover letter introduces your potential to your prospective employer. It should be convincing enough to show them why you’re the perfect candidate.

Let’s delve into the discussion to learn how you can draft a great cover letter in 2021.

Why You Write a Cover Letter

A candidate crafts a cover letter to capture the reader’s attention and elaborate on why the writer is the perfect candidate for the job they are applying for. The primary purpose of writing a cover letter is to create a positive impression on the hiring manager and allow him to get to the skills and talent of a candidate.

How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter in 2021

Customize Cover Letters for Each Job

 You might have written or submitted numerous cover letters over the course of your career.  While it is tempting or fine to use the same or standard cover letter format, it is not effective every time.

Keep in mind that your hiring manager wants to see how excited you’re about getting a specific position in the company. And you can only make this impression when you craft custom cover letters for each job or position you’re applying for. You may include descriptions and details relevant to each job and include references.

Don’t Hesitate to Reference Templates

Though you must change the content of the cover letter according to the job requirements, it is perfectly fine to reference an example cover letter as an outline. You may find plenty of excellent samples on the internet to use as a basis for the format.

Keep the Letter Concise and Brief

A hiring manager needs to read hundreds of cover letters a day. He/she doesn’t have much time to read the extensive descriptions of every candidate.

You need to make your letter unique yet as concise and brief as possible. Try not to write cover letters longer than two paragraphs and only showcase the skills and experience that are relevant to the job.

When your letter talks to the point, it increases the likelihood of your potential recruiter reading the entire letter.

But don’t forget to add the EXTRA skills that set your competency apart from other candidates.

Summing Up

Thus, the tips will help you write the cover letter that makes an impact on your recruiter.

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