Sweet succession: Gonzalez, patent thickets and his triumph over biosimilars

The Weekly BioSpace News Podcast

This week Lori, Greg and Tyler discuss AbbVie: how longtime CEO Richard Gonzalez ⁠navigated Humira's LOE⁠, his victorious retirement ⁠announcement⁠, and the future of biosimilars.

Also discussed: Earlybird Health's ⁠$186m VC fund⁠; and definitely not the IRA.

Lori Ellis is the head of insights at BioSpace, providing industry analysis as well as paid custom content for BioSpace clients. Her current focus is on the ever-evolving impact of technology on the pharmaceutical industry. You can reach her at lori.ellis@biospace.com. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Greg Slabodkin is the News Editor at BioSpace. You can reach him at greg.slabodkin@biospace.com. Follow him on LinkedIn.     

Tyler Patchen is a staff writer at BioSpace. You can reach him at tyler.patchen@biospace.com. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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