PX’Therapeutics to Open a new cGMP Cell Culture Production Facility

Published: Dec 21, 2010

GRENOBLE, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PX’Therapeutics SA (formerly known as Protein’eXpert) is pleased to announce the opening of an additional cGMP production facility dedicated to mammalian cell culture. The French regulatory authority (AFSSAPS) has just authorized manufacturing operations including the production of biotechnology products, immunology products and extracted products from animal or human origin. This new facility will allow cell banking as well as small scale production and release of protein batches intended for preclinical/clinical use and niche market (orphan disease, cell therapy). The extension of the company’s production capabilities is part of its development strategy and will definitely mark its ambition to support therapeutic antibody development. Today, PX’Therapeutics can indeed provide an integrated service offer including generation of murine monoclonal antibody, humanization of therapeutic antibody, development of stable recombinant cell lines and clinical manufacturing.

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