Orexo AB Announces Dosing of First Patient With OX51 in Phase II Clinical Trial on Prevention of Procedure-Induced Pain

Published: Oct 30, 2012

Swedish specialty pharmaceutical company Orexo today communicated the start of the dose finding study for OX51 in patients undergoing prostate biopsy. Results from the study, which is a European study enrolling approximately 200 patients, will be available during the first half of 2013. OX51 is a novel breakthrough innovation from Orexo, which has been developed to meet the fast growing demand for efficient pain management during short-term surgical and invasive diagnostic procedures. OX51 is a sublingual formulation of alfentanil, based on the leading sublingual delivery technology developed by Orexo. The quick onset, short duration, rapid offset and convenient administration of OX51 make it suitable for prevention of pain during a multitude of procedures.

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