Acculis Breakthrough Liver Cancer Treatment gets Green Light

Published: Feb 26, 2010

DENMEAD, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Acculis Limited today announced the regulatory clearance of its revolutionary new device for destroying unwanted tissues, such as liver tumours. The clearance under the European CE Mark system allows the company to begin deliveries for treating patients throughout Europe and elsewhere where the CE Mark system is recognised. The device is a single high power high frequency 2.45GHz microwave needle that burns a 5cm sphere of tissue in just 5 minutes which is between 3 to 10 times faster than old school radiofrequency based systems or lower frequency 915MHz microwave systems. "This system gives surgeons and interventionalists the ability to treat previously inoperable patients and early data suggests significantly improved clinical outcomes for tumour control." said Mr David Lloyd who fathered the system along with Professor Nigel Cronin and his microwave science team from the University of Bath, England.

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