2014 Highest Paying Biotechnology Jobs

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May 29, 2014
Here is a look at the highest paying jobs in biotech.
By Angela Rose for BioSpace.com

Biotechnology is essential to our modern world. According to the Biotechnology Industry Organization, it is responsible for providing the products and technologies necessary to combat disease, protect environmental resources, and feed and fuel civilizations. This includes more than 250 biotechnology healthcare products and vaccines as well as the agricultural biotechnology used by more than 13.3 million farmers around the world. Within the industry, STEM professionals find a wide variety of employment opportunities. The following are among the highest paying according to recent data from a major pay-aggregating website.
2014 Highest Paying Biotechnology Jobs
NIAMS Scientific Director John OShea, M.D., watching Yuka Kanno, M.D., Ph.D., perform laboratory research in the NIAMS Molecular Immunology and Inflammation Branch. Photo Credit: NIAMS
1. Research Fellow: $153,680 median salary ($122,184 to $198,729)

2. Business Development Director-Biotech: $140,148 median salary ($112,920 to $173,874)

3. Senior Biostatistician: $133,039 median salary ($113,344 to $161,472)

4. Senior Scientist-Biotech: $121,260 median salary ($98,254 to $145,626)

5. Engineer-Specialist: $118,852 median salary ($91,302 to $156,512)

6. Quality Assurance Engineer-Specialist: $109,970 median salary ($87,638 to $132,074)

7. Drug Safety/Medical Information Specialist: $109,640 median salary ($79,809 to $128,646)

8. Clinical Pharmacist: $109,213 median salary ($96,085 to $123,910)

9. Chemist-Specialist: $107,067 median salary ($83,084 to $134,578)

10. Business Development Manager-Biotech: $106,928 median salary ($85,355 to $127,180)

11. Senior Process Engineer: $106,628 median salary ($83,803 to $129,005)

12. Research and Development Supervisor: $105,989 median salary ($67,944 to $144,239)

13. Biologist-Specialist: $103,097 median salary ($79,786 to $119,684)

14. Senior Clinical Programmer: $101,823 median salary ($89,347 to $123,952)

15. Research and Development Associate-Specialist: $101,331 median salary ($74,887 to $131,677)

16. Biomedical Engineer-Specialist: $98,820 median salary ($82,306 to $111,821)

17. Director of Biomedical Engineering: $97,387 median salary ($72,054 to $126,813)

18. Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist: $93,773 median salary ($67,146 to $114,661)

19. Senior Technical Writer: $88,521 median salary ($71,524 to $112,581)

20. Senior Clinical Research Associate-Biotech: $81,638 median salary ($67,360 to $97,092)

The actual annual salary for any biotechnology job will vary based on a number of factors. These include industry (pharmaceutical or manufacturing, for example), company size, geographic location, and the professional’s experience and educational level. However, the last salary report released by BioSpace stated that earnings are rising throughout the biotechnology sector. Reported salaries for all positions in the BioSpace candidate pool increased an average of 8 percent from 2010 to 2012. Continued economic improvements have likely already led to additional salary increases.

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