Historic Approval for MASH, CAR-Ts in the Spotlight

The Weekly BioSpace News Podcast

Phew, what a week!

One of the most anticipated FDA decisions of the year dropped last week when the regulator ⁠approved Madrigal’s Rezdiffra⁠ as the first therapy for MASH (⁠formerly known as NASH⁠).  

Then on Friday, BioSpace kept a close eye on an ⁠advisory committee discussing⁠ J&J’s Carvykti and BMS’s Abecma, two CAR-T therapies seeking label expansions as earlier lines of treatment in multiple myeloma despite the risk of early death.

Also discussed: BIO’s decision from last week to ⁠cut ties with⁠ the China-based biotech WuXi AppTec. 

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