BioSpace's Hot 8 Life Science Locations for Jobs

Have you ever considered relocating for your career? If you have, you aren't alone. According to a recent BioSpace Community Survey, 78% of life science professionals would potentially relocate for the right job opportunity. 

Map of the United States


In the Hotbed regions of Bay/Beach and Genetown, the job market is always hot. However, there are other locations to consider! BioSpace reviewed their database and identified the hot locations where companies are hiring now! Listed below are the top 8*. Check them out now! 

1. California (Biotech Bay and Biotech Beach)

2. New York (Pharm Country)

3. Illinois (BioMidwest)

4. New Jersey (Pharm Country)

5. Massachusetts (Genetown)

6. Maryland (BioCapital)

7. Washington (BioForest)

8. Florida

* Data as of April 2019. Check back frequently for updates as jobs are added daily!



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