The Top 12 Biopharma Companies Hiring Now

Despite the changing landscape in biopharma, many companies are still recruiting. If you’re looking to make a career change, here are 12 biopharma companies hiring on BioSpace now.

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Although many life science professionals are looking for employment, according to the BioSpace 2024 employment outlook report, the number of job postings live on our website has declined year over year. That said, there is good news. While there were 29% fewer positions live in April 2024 than in April 2023, that’s an improvement over the March year-over-year decline, which was 32%.

BioSpace Jobs Live, April 2023–April 2024

If you’re looking for a new position, here are the top 12 biopharma companies hiring now.

1. AbbVie

2. Regeneron

3. Eli Lilly and Company

4. Amgen

5. Novo Nordisk

6. Takeda

7. Moderna

8. Daiichi Sankyo

9. CSL Behring

10. Gilead Sciences

11. Resilience

12. Bristol Myers Squibb Company

As you consider applying at these companies, remember to check out our job search toolkit, which features multiple resources to help you make your next career move.

Angela Gabriel is content manager, life sciences careers, at BioSpace. You can reach her at and follow her on LinkedIn.

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