MicroTransponder Raises $2 Million and Reports Positive Tinnitus Clinical Trial

Dallas-based MicroTransponder Inc. reported today positive results from an early clinical trial for a wireless neurostimulation system that treats patients with tinnitus, which is commonly known as “constant ringing in the ears.” The privately held company also said it raised $2 million in angel funding to continue developing the tinnitus therapy known as the Serenity System. The treatment combines an implanted device, similar to a pacemaker, that stimulates a nerve in the neck with listening to tones. The trial, which took place in Belgium, found that seven out of 10 patients reported significant decreases in tinnitus, the company said. The improvement lasted at least two months and in some cases six months to a year. Data from the initial, 10-patient trial was presented last month at the Tinnitus Research Initiative conference in Belgium.