Smart Employers and Smart Job Applicants Seek the Same Thing

Published: Jul 22, 2010

Smart Employers and Smart Job Applicants Seek the Same Thing

Smart Employers and Smart Job Applicants Seek the Same Thing By Bill Dueease
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Anyone applying for jobs will greatly increase their chances of being hired by knowing what employers really want. Smart employers seek basic characteristics from anyone they hire so the new employees will more than pay for the money and resources the employer invests. Let’s examine what employers really want from their new employees. Employers want their new employees to:

1. Produce the results designated by the employer at the volume, quality and timing desired by the employer. The results produced will generate the profits or cost savings to provide a profit to the employer after the costs of the employee are deducted.

2. Have a strong genuine desire, better yet, passion for performing in the position to produce the desired results, and that the employee and employer both know about the real motivations of the employee to fit the position.

3. Be very trustworthy. The employee will perform as promised and will be honest enough to reveal the truth about problems and mistakes voluntarily so both the employer and employee can find and effect solutions.

4. Have the capability to generate the desired results with less effort and confusion than others. Have the talents, skills and enough experience to be able to generate the desired results with little interference by others, or if training is involved, then the ability to accept training to be fully productive fast and thoroughly.

5. Not require much management or resource draining efforts that would be outside the normal course of the job. The employee will not be an emotional, legal, or social drain on the employer. Be a self-starter and have the desire to improve on his or her own.

6. Seek and be genuinely happy with, even respectful of the compensation provided by the employer to allow the employer to receive a profit from the results generated by the employee. But the employee will want to and seek ways to increase the quantity, quality, and value of the results generated to produce even more profits for the employer, so the employer will be naturally willing and able to share the additional profits with the employee.

When employers find and hire employees with the above characteristics everyone WINS! The real goal is to create the best-fit match between the job functions, and desired results and the person who will perform them. Smart employers know the desired results and characteristics of the right employees. The hiring process will in essence be a search and discovery game to find the employees who will create the best-fit matches for the job openings.

When prospective employees KNOW their passions, their talents, their priorities, their integrity levels and the things they want to avoid, they can seek, find and almost always be quickly hired into the jobs they want because they create the best-fit matches for both the employee and the employer. Smart job seekers discover all of these internal factors about themselves before they consider applying for jobs. Once they KNOW the best fitting jobs for them, and of course the employers, those are the jobs they apply for, with enthusiasm. Yet, so few job seekers have any idea what their best-fit matching jobs are, and even worse, they appear not to care. Consequently, any job seekers who discover these five core ingredients about themselves to be able to define their best fitting jobs, will have a far greater chance of being hired in their best fitting jobs than anyone else, who are confused, unmotivated, and would not create best fit scenarios.

Bottom line: smart employers and smart employees are BOTH seeking the same thing.

They both want to create the best-fit match for the employee so the employee will easily and passionately produce the desired results of the employer. The employer enjoys and thrives because the employee enjoys and thrives in the job.

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