Osta Biotechnologies Inc. Announces Promising Interim Results From Its Second Clinical Study On The Development Of A Novel Blood Test For Osteoporosis

Osta Biotechnologies Inc. (TSX VENTURE:OBI) today announced the interim results of its second clinical study for the development of a novel blood test for osteoporosis. These interim results confirm the findings of the first clinical study which was conducted at the Sir Mortimer B. Davis - Jewish General Hospital (JGH) on 19 male osteoporotic subjects earlier and had shown a significant association between a certain variation in the Parathyroid Hormone Related Peptide (PTHrP) gene and the age matched Bone Mineral Density (BMD Z score) values at hip or spine. The second study involving a total of 80 subjects was undertaken to not only confirm the findings of the first study in osteoporotic males, but also to look at the trends in healthy males and pre-menopausal healthy and osteoporotic females.

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