ITO CO., LTD. Has Received Clearance From the U.S. Food and Administration (FDA) for Electrotherapy for Dental Use “D function”

May 21, 2021 11:54 UTC

Application of comfortable and functional waveform to relieve pain associated with temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

KAWAGUCHI, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ITO CO., LTD. (Head office: Kawaguchi-shi) a pioneer of electrophysical agents in Japan, announces that its Electrical Muscle Stimulator for TMJ Pain Relief "D function" has received 510(k) clearance by the FDA.

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Electrical Muscle Stimulator for TMJ Pain Relief D function (Graphic: Business Wire)

Electrical Muscle Stimulator for TMJ Pain Relief D function (Graphic: Business Wire)

(About D function)

D function is an Electrical Muscle stimulator, to treat temporomandibular joint dysfunction and associated pain. It is equipped with multiple treatment modes to relieve muscle spasms and helps to maintain balance and control of the nerves and muscles around the head and neck. Relaxation and relief of pain observed in the temporomandibular joint can be attained by applying the highly functional waveforms. The stimulation being easy on the skin, allows patients to receive the treatment in comfort.
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(About ITO CO., LTD.)

Since the founding of the company ITO in 1916, based on the clear vision of founder Kenji Ito, the company has made constant progress in electrophysical agents during its prestige history stretching over 100 years. ITO’s electrotherapy devices have earned a strong reputation for high technology, effectiveness, and usability, a reputation rooted from the company’s focus on contributing to society rather than mere sales results—another legacy dating from the time of ITO’s founder. In its essence, electrophysical agents involves not just technical capabilities, but establishing an approach founded on evidence-based medicine (EBM). For this reason, through ongoing joint collaborative research projects with universities and research institutions, ITO has assisted in the process of verifying evidence for the efficacy of intervention with electrophysical agents. These conducts represent the foundations of ITO’s vision in mastering therapeutic interventions via electrophysical agents and is a key element in the support ITO provides not just to medical institutions, but to the health of consumers and conditioning efforts among athletes. Within an aging society, the boundaries of ITO’s activities is expected to continue expanding, based on its foothold in medical related fields in which it has already achieved significant expertise in. ITO plans to continue pursuing research efforts to ensure comprehensive reliability and quality controls for its products and to develop new domains for electrophysical agents.
Corporate History:

The ITO brand: A leader in athletic conditioning and rehabilitation intervention in Japan

Within the past 30 years, ITO has pursued efforts in providing treatment and conditioning for professional athletes as well as for rehabilitation needs with electrophysical agents. Due to the countless medical support provided in international competitions and a proven track record with numerous professional sports franchises, including professional soccer and baseball teams, ITO’s reputation is widely known throughout the professional and amateur sports field in Japan. ITO has been designated an official sponsor or supplier for more than 20 athletic associations and teams, including the All Japan Judo Federation, Japan Cycling Federation, Japan Association of Athletics Federation, and the Japan Wheelchair Tennis Association. Considering the provisions in the Medical field, ITO has been developing intervention solutions via electrophysical agents especially in the area of rehabilitation and has also been concentrating on translating its abundant experience and technology in treating various symptomatic states and preventative strategies into the Dental and oral health field.
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Hiroyuki Kino
(International Sales Division)

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Electrical Muscle Stimulator for TMJ Pain Relief D function (Graphic: Business Wire)

During treatment (Photo: Business Wire)

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