Immune Response BioPharma Provides Blockbuster RAVAX Phase III Study in RA Update

Published: Jul 06, 2012

PRLog (Press Release) - Jul 05, 2012 - Immune Response BioPharma, Inc. Provides RAVAX Phase III Study in RA Update With Inadequete Response to Humira or Enbrel now Available online at or Skydrive Live @!126

Immune Response BioPharma, Inc. estimates we should be begin recruiting for the new Phase III RAVAX study by year end. Our IND should be filed within 60-90 days and the official trial should be uploaded to once finalized. The trial will test efficacy, safety and tolerance of RAVAX with Methotrexate for 12 months and a minimum of 500-1000 patients total who get the RAVAX drug. IRBP will first test RAVAX with Methotrexate with a sufficient amount of patients to fully access the first in class and best in class RA Vaccine. IRBP is targeting a minimum of 10% market share by 2016-2017 time frame.

"RAVAX is a game changer with a safe once a month dosing compared to current RA treatments such as Humira or Enbrel which our new study will help treat patients who fail those drugs. I would expect this trial to be oversubscribed once up and running and recruiting hopefully by year end. " IRBP CEO Mr. Buswell.

"Hopefully we enter into a corporate partnership rather quickly. Any pharma with current RA drugs or those going off patent or any who don't have a potential blockbuster RA drug like RAVAX would be foolish to not partner with IRBP. RAVAX will create winners and losers in this space. The winners will be the corporate partner and of course patients" IRBP CEO Mr. Buswell.

"We are cautiously optimistic we complete a deal in the near future for our wonderful RA Vaccine treatment RAVAX. Additionally we believe RAVAX can be treatment of choice for RA patients under 10 years of diagnosed RA. We are actively discussing potential partnership opportunities with big pharma to co-develop RAVAX and fund the Phase III Study. I am confident IRBP will secure a corporate partner sooner rather than later for RAVAX and eventually get the first RA Vaccine through the clinical process and FDA approved to help those patients suffering from this debilitating disease" IRBP CEO Mr. Buswell.

Immune Response BioPharma, Inc. maybe found on the World WideWeb at or our shorter URL @ RAVAX Study Available @!126

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