Image Diagnostics Unveils the Most Advanced Mobile Imaging Table Available

~ Leading Manufacturer of Mobile Imaging Equipment Introduces New Imaging Table Model, ISR G3 ~


FITCHBURG, MA January 4, 2017 -Image Diagnostics (IDI), recently named as one of the leading manufacturers of mobile operating tables in the world, according to a recent market research study, is unveiling their most advanced imaging table to date, the Aspect™ ISR G3. A breakthrough in the industry, the float top carbon fiber table has 32” of longitudinal travel and up to 80” in artifact free imaging area. All on an amazingly small and compact efficient platform, the table is also free from the complexities of hydraulics and pneumatic drive systems making it extremely reliable. The ISR features a patented Isocentric lateral roll function that maintains focused anatomy centered even when rolled laterally.   

“Image Diagnostics is dedicated to offering superior mobile imaging products and delivering the highest level of innovation, quality, versatility and safety with all of our products,” says Mark Hansen, Image Diagnostics’ Director of Business Development. “Our ISR G3 sets a new standard in imaging tables, offering the ultimate in functionality and ergonomics along with minimum maintenance and superior patient safety.”

What distinguishes Image Diagnostics’ ISR G3 from other options are its features, designed for optimizing image quality, operational simplicity and reliability. Other options in this class of tables charge extra for many of functions the ISR considers standard. Below are features and advantages of the state of the art Aspect ISR G3:  

Consolidated Controls and Positioning

As an affordable state of the art solution for C-Arm imaging, the G3’s 4-way floating tabletop motion is operated via a table mounted panning hand controller. This controller effortlessly operates all table functions including pan, up/down, Trendelenberg, lateral and Isocentric roll.  The pan control has automatic lock functions that effectively eliminate inadvertent float release by patients or staff during procedures. Used in conjunction with a motorized flat detector C-Arm, surgeons have direct control over the movement of both devices at their fingertips.

Large Imaging Area in a Compact Footprint

The ISR is equipped with integrated mini-rails, allowing for attaching an articulated headrest or peripheral extension which provides the ISR with up to 80” of artifact free imaging area.

Optimizing Image Quality

Each ISR is crafted to enhance the image quality of a new generation of C-Arms. A low dose .6AL table top with nominal bilateral rail sections optimize oblique imaging with a rail artifact. The table height, including a 2” low attenuation pad, has been increased up to 45” inches while still maintaining an extremely low tongue profile. This minimizes the OID (object image receptor distance) helping to maximize image quality.

Superior Safety

The ISR G3 integrates features that other tables in the industry offer only as an add on, like mini-rails, a high patient load capacity of 600 lbs, a steer, lock and float guide system and instant-on 24 hr battery backup system.  These features are designed to keep the system current and in one piece over the life of the table.

Lower Maintenance

A hallmark of the IDI design concept is simplicity by design and reliability.  Onboard batteries provide instant-on capabilities for all table functions in the event of a power outage. The ISR is hydraulic and pneumatic free, making costly maintenance and seal replacements a thing of the past.   

Complete list of ISR G3 features:

Table Movements

  • 4-way floating tabletop with panning hand control
  • Longitudinal travel 32" (81.3cm) to 40” (101.6cm)
  • Transverse tabletop travel: 8” (20.3cm)
  • Isocentric lateral roll: ±12°
  • Trendelenburg Tilt: ±12° with automatic “stop-at-level” positioning and longitudinal safety lockout when in Trendelenburg
  • Transverse float is available regardless of tilt or roll position
  • Dual-wheel caster system with 2-position locking system: total unlock and total lock
  • Automatic locking of longitudinal float when table is not level
  • Elevation: 31”- 43” (84-109cm) without tabletop pad

Tabletop construction

  • Carbon fiber, foam core, low x-ray attenuation construction


  • Electrical power requirement: 115VAC<10amps, 230V optional
  • Full operation from internal battery- includes battery status indicator. Battery capacity 14Ah
  • 20’ (6 meter) power cord

Standard Accessories

  • Tabletop pad 2” thick, memory foam construction
  • Panning hand control for pan, up/down, trend, and Isocentric roll, with auto-lock
  • Pendant hand control
  • Patient restraint straps (2)

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