Cook Medical Launches Salivary Duct Access Products as Minimally Invasive Alternative to Open Surgery

Published: Mar 18, 2013

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cook Medical has launched a suite of salivary duct access products that offer minimally invasive options for the treatment of obstructive salivary gland disease. Minimally invasive treatment of obstructive salivary gland disease can reduce the need for invasive open surgery.1 The devices in the product line include a soft-tip wire guide, a serial dilator set, the Kolenda Salivary Access Introducer Set and the NGage® and NCircle® salivary stone extractors. Physicians use these products in sialendoscopy, a minimally invasive procedure for visualizing and treating obstructive salivary gland disorders through the salivary ducts. Sialendoscopy can be performed in the physician’s office in an outpatient procedure and has been shown to reduce the risks of facial nerve paralysis and morbidity.2

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