Botanix Announces Filing Of New Permetrex Product Patents

Published: Feb 27, 2017

• Botanix filed new patent applications covering new Permetrex™ enabled products

• New products include additional uses for synthetic cannabidiol in different skin diseases

• Additional products also include complementary skin products that can be rapidly developed and commercialised

Medical dermatology company Botanix Pharmaceuticals Limited (“Botanix” or “The Company”) today announced that it has filed 5 new patent applications covering Permetrex™ enabled products.

The new patent applications include additional uses for the Company’s drug active, synthetic cannabidiol in different skin diseases outside acne, as well as additional products targeted at complementary skin care. Permetrex™ is the delivery technology utilised for the Company’s lead acne treatment, BTX-1503, which is progressing rapidly through clinical development. The new patent applications were filed simultaneously in the US and Australia.

The first human study involving Permetrex™ was completed in December 2016 and showed that the skin delivery technology was safe and had minimal irritancy potential. Permetrex™ provides a more effective way of delivering drugs that does not use chemicals that dry out the skin, and which does not require the use of preservatives that can cause serious allergic reactions. As many existing dermatology products use sub-optimal formulations that suffer from these limitations, a range of marketed skin disease drugs can be substantially improved utilizing the Permetrex™ approach.

“After rapid development work over the last several months, we have identified a number of new uses for synthetic cannabidiol which are supported by scientific literature and which could be enabled by the Permetrex™ delivery system”, Botanix Executive Director, Matt Callahan commented.

“With a proof of concept formulation in hand, we have taken steps to protect these new products while we continue development and commercialisation planning.”

Botanix announced an expansion of its license to use Permetrex™ in early February, thereby enabling the Company to use the delivery technology for a much wider range of drugs already approved by the FDA, as well as new drugs for treating skin diseases. Some of the new patent applications are aimed at protecting new formulations of currently approved actives, which can potentially be developed quickly and commercialised without the need to submit the new products for regulatory agency approval. Botanix plans to undertake limited early stage development work on some of these products opportunities in the coming months.

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