Daiichi Sankyo Supports Patients and Advocacy Groups for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Daiichi Sankyo is aiming to raise awareness about one of the most common forms of cancer across the globe.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women across the globe, and the second most common for women in the United States, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2017, the most recent year for data in the U.S., there were more than 250,000 new diagnoses of breast cancer.

Roughly one in three people initially diagnosed in the early stages of the disease go on to develop recurrent advanced or metastatic breast cancer. It’s estimated that more than 168,000 people in the U.S. are living with metastatic breast cancer.

Companies like Daiichi Sankyo have made it part of their mission to develop therapies that will treat women and men who develop breast cancer. Ken Keller, president and chief executive officer of Daiichi Sankyo, shared with BioSpace that raising awareness of the full spectrum of the disease, from early- to late-stage breast cancer, is critically important. Understanding screening, biomarker testing and the types of therapies available will empower patients on their individual journeys, Keller said.

“This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are more committed than ever to helping make a meaningful impact for people living with breast cancer,” Keller said.

Daiichi Sankyo is partnering with 22 advocacy groups and global breast cancer alliances throughout the month of October as part of its ongoing efforts to engage and support the community. Daiichi Sankyo is focused on ensuring patients receive the information, education and resources they need about the disease by supporting breast cancer research, sharing stories and promoting partner programs.

Daiichi Sankyo is not only partnering with advocacy groups, but is also developing treatments for this common disease.

The company has a robust pipeline of promising new medicines to help patients. Through its drug development efforts and commitment to the community, Daiichi Sankyo is delivering on its promise to build a patient-centric environment and live its mission of “Compassion for Patients.”

However, the enrollment could be hindered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has already forced patients with breast cancer to deprioritize aspects of their health, including clinical, screening and wellness visits and pausing or changing treatment plans, Keller shared.

“That is why these types of awareness building efforts are so critical. We want to encourage people to take care of themselves, including through breast cancer screenings and biomarker testing, with the hope of avoiding an influx of more advanced cancer cases in the future,” Keller said.

One aspect that may have come from the pandemic is new light has been shed on racial disparities and the disproportionate impacts of diseases, including breast cancer, on communities of color. With breast cancer death rates approximately 40% higher in black women than white women, Daiichi Sankyo is supporting initiatives focused on addressing health inequities and creating a platform for patients to advocate for themselves, their care and their treatment plans.

“We continue to work with advocacy groups, patients and others in the community to raise awareness of breast cancer, represent the full spectrum of people living with this disease and pursue new therapeutic options for people in need,” Keller said. “We are proud to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month and are calling on others to join us, during October and all year round.”

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