BioSpace's List of February 2019 Life Science IPOs

February 2019 IPO Filings and Pricings, Updated 2/28/19

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Date Company Name Amount (USD) Company HQ Research Focus
2/28/19 Kaleido Biosciences $75M Priced Lexington, MA Modulate the metabolic output and profile of the body's microbiome
2/28/19 GENFIT CORP. $100M Filed Loos, France Drug candidates and diagnostic solutions for metabolic and liver-related diseases
2/15/19 Hoth Therapeutics $7M Priced New York City, NY Proprietary therapeutics for atopic dermatitis
2/14/19 Stealth Biotherapeutics $78M Priced Newton, MA Novel therapies for diseases involving mitochondrial dysfunction
2/14/19 Avedro $70M Priced Waltham, MA Technology for corneal ectatic disorders and refractive conditions
2/13/19 TCR2 Therapeutics $75M Priced Cambridge, MA Novel T-cell therapies using multi-format TRuC platform
2/12/19 Anchiano Therapeutics $30.5M Priced Jerusalem, Israel Genetic therapy for early-stage bladder cancer
2/8/19 Shockwave Medical $70M Filed Santa Clara, CA Devices that break up calcium deposits in CV system via sonic waves
2/7/19 Harpoon Therapeutics $75.6M Priced San Francisco, CA T cell engagers that harness the immune system to treat cancer and other diseases
2/7/19 Gossamer Bio $276M Priced San Diego, CA Therapeutics in the disease areas of immunology, inflammation, and oncology
2/6/19 Alector $176M Priced San Francisco, CA Develop therapies that empower the immune system to cure neurodegeneration
2/1/19 Hoth Therapeutics $7.5M Filed New York City, NY Proprietary therapeutics for atopic dermatitis



































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