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BioSpace has updated our Job Search Toolkit for spring, including recent resources to help you succeed with your next job search.

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As the first quarter of 2024 closes, many are focusing on the next step in their career as industry layoffs and consolidation continue. If you were laid off, we’re so sorry to hear that. To help you with your next career move, we’ve updated this article with the latest BioSpace resources.

Getting Started

To get started, we recommend you read A Complete Guide to the Biopharma Job Search as well as How to Cope with Layoffs and Other Career Setbacks and What to Do After You’ve Been Laid Off.

If contract work interests you, check out Recently Laid Off? Contract Work Could Be an Attractive Option.


Be prepared with your salary ask right from the start. Knowledge is power. Download the BioSpace 2024 U.S. Life Sciences Salary Report for an overview of biopharma salaries and salary trends. For even more insights, check out the Denatured podcast episode “Money Talk: Salary Trends and Raises.”

Cover Letters

Ready to craft your cover letter? Start with How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job in the Life Sciences and Cover Letter Do’s and Don’ts. 

If you were one of the many people working in biopharma laid off this year, you’re not alone! Here’s How to Address a Layoff in Your Cover Letter.


When it comes to creating your resume, keep in mind that more companies are starting to emphasize the search for skills in recruiting and talent mapping. Additionally, some companies are using AI models to pick out the best matching resumes.

For even more insights and tips, check out:


As you look for a new position, don’t forget the value of networking, both online through sites like LinkedIn and in person. Here’s Career Coach: How to Overcome the Fears and Pitfalls of Networking in 2024.


Most life science professionals (72%) are looking for work, according to the BioSpace 2024 employment outlook report. Competition is fierce, so it’s important you know how to ace your next interview. Here are some articles that can help you do just that:

Also, remember that interviews go both ways! Finding a job that will be a good fit for you means that you should also be prepared with your own questions. To help with that, check out 5 Impressive Final Round Interview Questions to Ask Your Interviewer.

Looking to avoid job regret and future burnout at your next workplace? Here’s Interview Red Flags: 5 Signs of a Toxic Workplace.

Another important interview topic for many is diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). In the 2024 BioSpace employment outlook report, 69% of respondents reported that diversity, equity and inclusion was important to them in their next role. To help you assess DEI at potential employers, check out How to Assess a Company’s DEI Commitment as a Candidate.

Good to Know...

In the 2024 BioSpace employment outlook report, 40% of biopharma companies reported they’re struggling to meet compensation expectations. There may be a disconnect in what candidates are expecting for compensation.

Also, more companies are trying to get talent back into the office. In the employment outlook report, 57% said they prefer local candidates over remote hires, and 27% are focused on hiring local candidates.

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