LabTwin Partners with CA-based Biotech Shared Laboratory Community and Incubator; Bonneville Labs and Lab Launch Give Biotech Startups Access to World’s First Voice and AI-Powered Digital Lab Assistant

CA Life Science Coworking Labs Choose LabTwin for their Smart Labs to Help Startups Make Research More Reproducible and Time-Efficient

July 30, 2019 13:00 UTC

BERLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- LabTwin GmbH, the world’s first voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant, today announced partnerships with CA-based life science shared lab facilities Bonneville Labs and Lab Launch. Both groups provide smart lab facilities to scientists and emerging biotech companies. Bonneville Labs and Lab Launch have selected LabTwin’s digital assistant to augment their smart lab capabilities and allow their resident scientists to be more productive, spend more time focused on their experiments and make informed data-driven decisions.

Through these partnerships, the resident companies of the CA coworking labs receive a free fixed-period LabTwin trial followed by preferred rates.

“LabTwin is a very impressive tool for scientists, making it simple and easy to access information, run through protocols or take notes while they are performing experiments at the bench,” said Kelly Bryant, Vice President, Corporate Development at Bonneville Labs. “This is a major benefit for our companies who are always pressed for time and pushing to improve efficiencies on limited budgets.”

Justin Jarrell, Senior Scientist of Indee Labs, a Bonneville Labs member company shares, “Keeping track of everything that goes into an experiment can be challenging. Important details can fall through the cracks, making it difficult to interpret results and verify key findings. Therefore, we’re very excited to trial LabTwin to help us simplify documentation, increase productivity and accelerate our research.”

LabTwin, works alongside scientists to collect data, connect internal and external information streams, help manage experiments and streamline documentation. Powered by voice recognition and machine learning technology, LabTwin’s smart assistant simplifies data capture, structures valuable data, provides on-demand access to scientific information, guides scientists through interactive protocols and provides suggestions to scientists in real-time.

“Creating a state-of-the-art smart lab means bringing in the most innovative tools for scientists and entrepreneurs,” said Marie Rippen, CEO of Lab Launch. “LabTwin gives our biotech startups an intelligent, AI-powered digital assistant to eliminate time-consuming manual note-taking and help them automatically structure their data. This is a game changer for scientists who are time constrained and need ways to make their research more reproducible.”

“We want to see scientists thrive and help speed up scientific discoveries by making day-to-day life in the lab easier,” said Magdalena Paluch, co-founder and CEO of LabTwin. “We designed LabTwin specifically for scientists. It is a mobile solution that stays with the scientist, granting access to information or instruments from anywhere in the lab. LabTwin further reduces the cognitive load on scientists by tracking timers, scheduling events, ordering stock and more, all while working completely hands-free.”

“We are dedicated to helping scientists accelerate their discoveries by using the latest in voice and AI technology to automate manual tasks and structure important findings,” said Guru Singh, Head of Growth of LabTwin. “By partnering with Californian coworking lab spaces like Bonneville Labs and Lab Launch, we can make our technology available to many more scientists and innovative startups who are conducting experiments and bringing important discoveries to market.”

About LabTwin

LabTwin is creating the next generation of digital lab tools for smart labs, starting with the world’s first voice-activated lab assistant. With LabTwin, scientists can collect data, access information, manage experiments and streamline documentation simply by talking. Using voice recognition and machine learning technology, LabTwin’s smart assistant simplifies data capture, structures valuable information, and provides suggestions to scientists in real-time so they can make more informed data-driven decisions. With a mission to empower scientists, LabTwin is backed by Sartorius and BCG Digital Ventures. Its voice-powered assistant is used by hundreds of scientists in leading biopharma companies and academic institutions around the world including Deutsches Primatenzentrum (DPZ), University Medical Center Göttingen, and the University of California, San Francisco.

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About Bonneville Labs

Bonneville Labs is creating a global life science ‘hard tech’ community empowered to go forward, faster. This coworking lab and office community provides comprehensive and supported environments enabling life science companies to focus on discovery and outdistance the conventional. Bonneville Labs is an adaptable, shared workspace that eliminates operational barriers and reduces the cost of development through shared services and pre-negotiated discounts. Backed by years of industry experience, it manages laboratories and services so members can focus on their science.

About Lab Launch

Lab Launch Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to establish a more dynamic biotech startup environment in Los Angeles. Our mission is to enable LA’s scientists and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas in affordable, high-quality lab facilities, with access to services and a supportive innovation community to accelerate their success.


Gursatya “Guru” Singh
Head of Growth, LabTwin

Source: LabTwin GmbH