Genovis Year-End report 2007

Financial information

• Group net sales amounted to KSEK 256 for the year and KSEK 251 for 4Q. • Consolidated earnings totaled KSEK -8,578 for the year and KSEK -2 489 for 4Q. • Earnings per share for the period amounted to SEK -0.99. • Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period totaled KSEK 491. • Through 2006, the Genovis Group’s financial presentation was prepared as per the Swedish Annual Accounts Act and generally accepted Swedish accounting principles. The 2007 consolidated accounts and this interim report are the first to be prepared as per the IFRS.

Key events in 2007


• Genovis established a subsidiary in the US, the single largest market for Genovis’ products. Chris Wilkins was hired as CEO of the subsidiary and will also head up global marketing.

• In cooperation with Lund University, Genovis initiated a project to evaluate the nano-induced magnetic transfer (NIMT®) platform as a tool for facilitating animal model studies.


• As a first step toward international expansion, Genovis opened a sales office in Hong Kong. Of all the markets Genovis targets, Asia exhibits the greatest growth.

• On September 27, the company’s new web site was launched with online sales. The new web site will provide customer relationship management (CRM) support to our partners and distributors.

• In May, Genovis concluded an agreement with Hansa Medical AB to acquire patents and licenses related to biotechnical industrial applications for a group of bacterial surface proteins.

• Genovis combined its NIMT® technology platform with two bacterial surface proteins that, together with specific nanoparticles, become a unique tool for fragmenting antibodies. The new product was launched with the name FabRICATOR®.

• Genovis had a patent approved by the South Korean patent office. The patent describes the technical grounds behind the NIMT® technology and is valid until 2019.

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Genovis is a biotechnology company with distinguished core competency in the fields of nanotechnology and nanoparticles. The company’s patented NIMT® technology (NanoInducedMagneticTransfer) has been developed in order to enable the life science industry to conduct effective preclinical research. Genovis shares are listed on the First North, part of OMX Nordic Exchange. Mangold Fondkommission AB is a Certified Advisor and guarantor of liquidity to the company.