Principia Biopharma

220 E Grand Ave
South San Francisco
United States

Tel: 650-416-7700


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About Principia Biopharma

Principia is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel therapies for serious immune mediated diseases. The company mission is to make best-in-class medicines to address unmet medical needs by changing the way small molecule drugs are designed. If successful, our medicines have the potential to bring significant therapeutic benefits, limit unintended side effects, improve quality of life for patients and over time modify the course of disease.

We design novel therapies using our proprietary and unique Tailored Covalency® platform. Based on medicinal chemistry that is both insightful and elegant, Tailored Covalency enables scientists to better select where and how binding takes place. The goal is to optimize these bonds so that drug candidates remain bound to their desired target, potentially minimizing side effects while achieving high clinical benefit. Quite simply, bonding matters.

Principia has consistently and efficiently succeeded in designing drug candidates for clinically relevant targets. So far, the company has produced three new clinical drug candidates from its scientific platform, resulting in five clinical development programs. The company’s strategy is to continue advancing the development of proprietary drug candidates and, when appropriate, use collaborations and partnerships as strategic tools to maximize the value of those assets.

At Principia, we bring a hands-on, inclusive and collaborative spirit to fulfilling our company mission. Principia is a place we thrive as a diverse team in our care for each other and for the improved well-being of patients with immune-mediated diseases. Collectively we will create a new class of small molecule medicines that will change the way these patients are treated.

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