Synaptive Medical Receives FDA Clearance for Health Informatics Platform

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Synaptive Medical Inc., is pleased to announce the Food and Drug Administration clearance of ImageDrive™ Pro, an informatics platform designed to seamlessly integrate their existing BrightMatter™ technologies. In 2015, Synaptive Medical acquired imaging informatics solutions developer ClearCanvas as a foundation to unify new functionality. The result is interoperability across BrightMatter solutions that span state-of-the-art imaging, surgical planning, navigation, and automated positioning of high definition optics.

“The need for deeper interconnectivity and integration of our own systems and data platforms is essential as we look at introducing novel imaging and sensing technologies in the near future”

The massive challenge in achieving the goal of precision medicine is a standardized approach to capturing data on a health informatics platform that performs analytics at a large scale, while ensuring patient privacy. The need for deeper interconnectivity and integration of our own systems and data platforms is essential as we look at introducing novel imaging and sensing technologies in the near future,” said Cameron Piron, President of Synaptive Medical. “Our platform is uniquely designed to provide transformative data insights and make an impact in the continuum of care for patients undergoing various surgical treatments,” he said.

Synaptive Medical’s Informatics Platform will immediately enable a more patient-centric and unified experience for interdisciplinary review. “Efficient care collaboration across multiple clinical specialties to offer patients the best available treatment can be met with barriers to having all the critical information,” said Wes Hodges, Director of Informatics & External Collaboration. “We see the opportunity to immediately start solving some of the inefficiencies today,” he said. In addition to data capture and analytics, a quality assurance module ensures the scan meets the minimum requirements for surgical planning and visualization of a patient’s unique fiber tracts.

The rapid growth and adoption of Synaptive Medical’s technology has opened a new level of discussion with its diverse set of clinical and research users. There is a tremendous amount of interest in optimizing the secure flow of imaging and non-imaging data. With initiatives like The Human Genome Project, Cancer Moonshot, and the recent White House’s announcement to accelerate precision medicine, secure data exchange between clinical and research environments will need to be scalable, automated and ensure patient confidentiality. Researchers will benefit from automated data distribution, de-identification, and extensibility using well-established protocols. Data is easily de-identified and can be and shared with collaborators using well-established secure mechanisms.

Synaptive Medical’s foundation in imaging during perioperative cycles will center its focus not just on general analytics, but specialize its development focus around imaging informatics. “Imaging data offers a ubiquitous snapshot that can quantify a patient’s response to various treatment and therapy protocols,” said Brian Oswald, Commercial Head of Informatics. “With data driven insights, we have the opportunity to accelerate quality care with efficient resource utilization, ultimately driving positive outcomes,” he said.

Imaging Informatics will help clinicians position their organizations for an optimal patient-centered, value-based model of care focused on improving outcomes. “This is really just the beginning of where we want to go with imaging informatics,” said Cameron Piron. Synaptive Medical is focusing development efforts around further enriching its user’s data environments by aggregating with third party sources such as pathology reports, EMR, as well as genomic data. “It will be the scaled amalgamation of varying data types combined with quantified imaging data that will enable the insights required to move toward a more personalized and precise model of care,” said Piron.

About Synaptive Medical | Synaptive Medical, a Toronto based company has a talented team of scientists, engineers, and locally based customer care specialists specifically committed to the development and support of surgical technologies and therapies. The result is their BrightMatterTM Solutions that provide advanced tools and information to allow surgeons to focus on patient outcomes. From advanced visualization and guidance to their first hands-free surgical scope, Synaptive medical is collaborating with surgeons, hospitals and industry partners to define a new standard of care for surgical intervention.


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