Roche to Create 1,000 Jobs in China

Published: Jul 31, 2012

A dramatic growth experienced Roche Basel in China. 1,000 new jobs will create the group there within a year. The development will not let but a gradual shift to Asia close, says Group CEO Severin Schwan, 45 On the contrary, benefit from it the location of Switzerland. 300 jobs created in this country, Roche in the first half. The virology is moved from the U.S. facility in Nutley to Basel. Mr. Swan, you should congratulate you or pity, given the extremely high profitability of Roche? You may congratulate Roche. The excellent gain strength reflects our innovation, from which the patients have many benefits. The pinnacle Pharma has, in the first half of the increase of the core operating profit margin to 45.3 percent. Since it must feel provoked public health authorities so that they increase the pressure on prices.

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