Ocimum Biosolutions Inc. Release: Gene Logic Launches New User-Friendly ASCENTA 4.0 with Improved Functionality

Published: Jan 06, 2011

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA and Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, January 06, 2011: Gene Logic today announced the release of ASCENTA System Version 4.0, which incorporates a number of significant changes in functionality reinforcing its position as a valuable research tool to the academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets. ASCENTA is a reference software product for use in gene expression studies.

In the continuous quest to improve accessibility and provide the most comprehensive data for researchers, Gene Logic has launched this newest version, ASCENTA 4.0. This version is not only more convenient due to its integration of two generations of gene expression content on the Affymetrix platform into one easy-to-use application but also boasts of enhancements such as Gene Ontology view that further assist researchers to comprehend expression profile patterns. In addition ASCENTA 4.0 has an enhanced wide screen display format that adds to a better user experience.

In a bid to make this valuable data available to more researchers and enable discovery further, Gene Logic’s industry standard reference genomic database is now also offering academic licenses. Gene Logic plans to add public domain data from GEO database in its upcoming version upgrades of the ASCENTA System scheduled for launch in early 2011, making it the most comprehensive gene expression database commercially available for gene expression research.

With this improved version and its ambitious plans for future versions, ASCENTA System will provide researchers an extensive, validated and user-friendly interface to retrieve data, identify patterns and linkages in gene expression thereby establishing itself as a leading web-based interface that enables access to a wealth of gene expression data.

About ASCENTA System:

ASCENTA was developed to simplify access and information retrieval from BioExpressTM, Gene Logic’s proprietary database that is one of the most comprehensive gene expression databases in the industry today. ASCENTA is the reference software product that makes it possible for researchers to quickly identify and prioritize drug targets with respect to specific therapeutic and large-scale human biological considerations. In the past seven years ASCENTA System has been instrumental in the discovery and validation of several drug targets.

About Gene Logic

Gene Logic is the US subsidiary of Ocimum Biosolutions, a leading integrated global genomics outsourcing partner with solutions spanning Bioresearch Design and Execution; Data Analytics and Insights; Laboratory, Sample & Data Management; and Integrated Solutions. Ocimum provides comprehensive genomic services and reference databases; data analysis; biorepository services such as sample accrual & collection, IRB approvals, CRO training, sample, clinical data capture and management; life science lab information management solutions; and also offers both research level and GLP-compliant services. Majority of the top 25 pharma & biotech companies and leading research institutes worldwide have chosen Ocimum as their preferred genomics outsourcing partner.

For more information, please visit www.ocimumbio.com

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