Mettler-Toledo Release: New Lean Lab Webinar Helps Labs Slim Down

Published: Jun 06, 2017

The success of lean manufacturing has inspired some businesses to adopt this lean model in laboratories. While challenges may differ, many key principles apply. Benefits include shorter lead times, more controlled use of resources, more consistent right-first-time results, less work-in-progress, and cost savings.

As part of the lab equipment leader’s year-long e-Calendar, the new webinar called Employing a Lean Lab Approach: Work Smarter, Not Harder, is now available. The webinar explores how lean-lab implementation improves productivity using practical examples.

Lean lab can be initiated module-by-module or system-wide. System-wide lean lab implementation can be particularly advantageous during construction of a new lab. The objective is to improve lab efficiency, starting with an overview of workflows and process goals. Potential solutions include device standardization, modular device combinations, network-compatible software, and smart services.

The webinar will help define ways to develop a culture of continuous improvement to sustain business benefits for management, analysts, and internal and external customers. View Work Smarter, Not Harder and keep watching for future 2017 e-Calendar installments for additional ideas to optimize processing and improve accuracy in the lab.

METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments. The Company is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company also holds top-three market positions for several related analytical instruments and is a leading provider of automated chemistry systems used in drug and chemical compound discovery and development. In addition, the Company is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of metal detection systems used in production and packaging. Additional information about METTLER TOLEDO can be found at

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