Introducing Systagenix Wound Management, a New Global Force in Advanced Wound Care

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SYSTAGENIX WOUND MANAGEMENT, a new portfolio company created by One Equity Partners1, launched today with the intent of establishing a new global force in advanced wound care, committed to providing innovative products that help enhance patients’ quality of life.

Systagenix Wound Management, formerly the Professional Wound Care Business of Ethicon, Inc2., a Johnson & Johnson company, is focused on achieving further success, whilst building on its internationally renowned advanced and general wound care product portfolios. These include brands such as PROMOGRAN® Matrix Wound Dressing, TIELLE® Hydropolymer Dressing and REGRANEX® (becaplermin) Gel 0.01%, a prescription treatment for lower extremity diabetic ulcers.

Systagenix Wound Management's newly appointed senior management team headed up by Executive Chairman Chris Fashek and CEO Steve Atkinson are setting the agenda for change and will be driving a new energy and focus into the business. The aim is to make Systagenix Wound Management a leading global provider of innovative wound care solutions, meeting the demands and needs of its customers to improve and transform the lives of patients.

The new company will be headquartered in the UK, including a manufacturing and R&D facility based in Gargrave, North Yorkshire, UK. Personnel from the existing Research and Development, Operations, and Sales and Marketing teams have been transferred, along with all existing brand trade marks, to Systagenix Wound Management. It is business as usual for customers while there is a new emphasis and focus within the organisation.

Steve Atkinson, CEO of Systagenix, commented, “We are totally focused on making Systagenix Wound Management the strongest and most admired wound care company. We have inherited a business with a strong heritage and outstanding pedigree providing an excellent platform for future growth. The wound care market represents substantial opportunity and with our investment plan, customer relationships and scientific and technical capabilities, Systagenix will become the driving force in the industry.”

Executive Chairman, Chris Fashek added: “We are committed to making Systagenix an outstanding success, focusing on patient needs and working with clinicians as partners to provide enhanced wound care solutions. Systagenix Wound Management may be a new name, but our people remain committed to the core value of providing advanced therapies that will improve the lives of patients. ”

Notes to Editors:

1. Established in 2001, One Equity Partners manages $8 billion of investments and commitments for J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. in direct private equity transactions. Over recent years, One Equity Partners has invested approximately $3.5 billion to acquire over thirty companies in a variety of industries including defense, chemicals, healthcare, technology and manufacturing. One Equity Partners' investment professionals are located across North America, Europe and Asia, with offices in New York, Chicago, Menlo Park, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. Visit for more information.

2. ETHICON, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, is a global medical device company that develops and markets surgical products for use in general surgery, wound management and women's health & urology. For more information about ETHICON, please visit

Portfolio Details

Professional Advanced Wound Care Products:

ACTISORB® Activated Charcoal Dressing with Silver — helps to manage infection through its unique mode of action that traps and kills bacteria and eliminates malodors. The first commercialized silver dressing available at the time of its launch in 1980. The safety and efficacy of ACTISORB® Dressings is now supported with published clinical evidence in over 13,000 patients.

ADAPTIC® Non-Adhering Dressing — helps to protect regenerating tissue and minimizes patient pain and trauma during dressing changes.

PROMOGRAN® Matrix Dressing — a unique, clinically proven combination of collagen and oxidized regenerated cellulose (“ORC”); facilitates tissue granulation through modulation of the wound environment.

PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Balancing Matrix Dressing — combines collagen and ORC with an optimal level of silver; helps restore the normal wound-healing environment by reducing bacterial levels without causing harm to host cells.

REGRANEX® (becaplermin) Gel 0.01% — a gel containing recombinant human platelet derived growth factor; the first and only growth factor approved for clinical use in the U.S. and Europe to heal and close lower extremity diabetic neuropathic ulcers.

SILVERCEL® Anti-microbial Alginate Dressing — provides a controlled, balanced and sustained release of silver that helps manage infection and exudates while offering superior dressing tensile strength for easy, intact removal.

TIELLE® Hydropolymer Dressings — a broad range of foam dressings handling different levels of exudates to reduce wound maceration and leakage while optimizing cost effectiveness through increased dressing wear time.

Professional General Wound Care Products:

TOPPER® Drain Swab and TOPPER® Non-Woven Fabric Swab — a unique rayon/polyester, non-woven sponge that provides improved strength, absorbency, and scrubbing texture compared to traditional gauze.

RELEASE® Low-Adherent Dressing — utilizes a unique perforated film design that directs exudates away from the wound; minimizes discomfort and tissue damage during dressing changes.

REGAL® Filmated Non-Woven Swab — a multi-layer absorbent swab covered with a film of viscose fibers to disperse exudates and to provide enhanced absorption capability.

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