HR Expert Lists 10 Tips to Landing a Job

Published: Jan 28, 2010

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SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today's job market is plagued by staggering unemployment rates and fewer jobs offered. This has left many job seekers discouraged and overwhelmed when trying to find work. University of Phoenix Instructor and Human Resources expert, James Lipot, specializes in career trends and opportunities, and offers tips on seeking employment in today's tough economy.

Create a professional profile - Use social networking tools, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to build contacts and create a professional online personality. Over 50% of employers use these sites to post jobs and recruit prospective employees.

Publicize your job seeking - Don't hesitate to tell family, friends, and colleagues that you're looking for a job so that they can inform you of any possible job opportunities.

Inquire about employee referral programs - These programs are designed to find trustworthy hires, based on employee recommendations. This can be beneficial for all parties; it gives you a job and the company a reliable hire.

Create face-to-face relationships - The best way to make an impression on a prospective employer is in person. Seek out "informational interviews" to give you a competitive edge.

Participate in organizations - Professional networking groups, civic organizations, and community service are great networking outlets. These organizations are excellent ways to stay involved in the community and informed of upcoming events.

Volunteer and explore internship opportunities - Volunteer as much as possible. This is a terrific resume builder, and demonstrates initiative and great work ethic. Internships offer a way to gain experience when entering the job market.

Take a temporary position - If a company is offering temporary or part-time work, capitalize on this opportunity and prove yourself to the company. It could lead to a permanent position.

Customize your resume - Tailor your resume to each individual opportunity, keeping it concise while expressing personality.

Be prepared for the interview - Research the company and create a few questions to ask in the interview. Also, it is important to bring multiple copies of your resume to the interview.

Always follow-up after the interview - Mailing or emailing a thank-you note after the conclusion of an interview is essential. This shows gratitude and attention to detail.

To schedule an interview with University of Phoenix Instructor James Lipot to discuss these tips, contact Christina Vanskike at 916-448-5802.

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