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NORWALK, Conn., Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Infinant Health ("Infinant Health" or the "Company"), a privately-held company focused on changing the trajectory of human health, one baby at a time, and previously known as Evolve BioSystems, proudly announces the bold transformation of the brand and strategic path forward.

Evolve Biosystems becomes Infinant Health – powerful evolution of mission, leadership, portfolio & commercialization

"Our new name Infinant Health combines the words 'Infant' and 'Infinite' illustrating the scale of our vision to achieve optimal health for humanity, beginning with infancy. We have radically transformed our strategic plan and are now sharply focused on bringing a groundbreaking product portfolio through a regulatory pathway, to ensure we can provide these life changing products for all children, unequivocally. Our product portfolio and discovery pipeline sets immunity, metabolic health and cognition, on a path for lifelong health through a portfolio of specialized microbial products, drug pathways, and digital health medical devices, while continuing to invest in innovation to accelerate our discoveries," said Kaile Zagger, Chief Executive Officer.

Infinant Health's vision of the future and commitment to research of the infant microbiome is underscored by their world-renowned investors and newly appointed executive and senior leadership teams. Infinant Health was launched at UC Davis, as Evolve Biosystems following more than a decade of pioneering research at the Food for Health Institute. Infinant Health is a portfolio company of Horizons Ventures, Cargill, Manna Tree Partners, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Spruce Capital Partners, Acre Ventures, Bow Capital, Tate & Lyle Ventures and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation.

"We have never seen this before, and I am not sure we will again. The power of this discovery and the path we are on to radically expand our product portfolio, will undeniably change the trajectory of human health," said Dr. Karl Sylvester, Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at Stanford Medicine Children's Health, Associate Dean of Maternal and Child Health Research at Stanford University School of Medicine, and Global Medical Advisor, Infinant Health.

Under the new corporate identity, Infinant Health is driven to change the trajectory for babies to develop a healthy microbiome, shaping immune system development, and moderating inflammation. The Infinant Health executive team shares a vision for EVC001 to become the standard of care for all infants and their team continues to grow.

Infinant Health has transformed their leadership team with the addition of the following executives:

Dr. Karl Sylvester, Global Medical Advisor
Pam Shepherd, Chief Financial Officer
Christian Bloomgren, Chief Commercial Officer
Eric Luellen, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer
Lisa Hannan, J.D., General Counsel, Chief Compliance & Regulatory Officer
Brian Laperriere, Chief People & Culture Officer

In addition, Infinant Health will have bicoastal operations with Executive Headquarters of Infinant Health residing in Norwalk, Connecticut and the Research & Innovation Institute residing in Davis, California.

"This is a profound moment for our company. We have lifted our organization to new heights and are ready to execute on our strategic plan. The strength of the leadership team, the science and the vision has set the company on a strong positive trajectory as we work rapidly to become the standard of care," said Kaile Zagger, Chief Executive Officer.

The Discovery of B. infantis

Many years of proprietary research into the role of human milk and its impact on human development led to the groundbreaking discovery of Bifidobacterium infantis (B. infantis). The bacterium is shown to preferentially feed upon the undigestible human milk oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides are a type of carbohydrate that falls between simple sugars (monosaccharides) and starches (polysaccharides). Until now, B. infantis had been almost completely eradicated from infants in developed countries with researching that it may be an unintended consequence of modern medicine which has disrupted the infant microbiome.

Infinant's products contain a specific strain of B. infantis, EVC001, is a uniquely selected microbe that pairs with human milk and only EVC001 is clinically proven to restores key bacteria to the infant gut and guides critical development of infants' digestive and immune system.

Evivo®, classified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a food for special dietary use, contains the functional genes necessary to produce metabolites that positively influence healthy immune system development and moderate inflammation by reducing potentially pathogenic bacteria when introduced during this short but critical time.

Infinant Health is driven to create products to set the trajectory of human health one baby at a time. As research continues, Infinant Health aims to extend that trajectory toward longer, healthier lives for all humanity.

About Infinant Health

Infinant Health ("Infinant"), previously known as Evolve Biosystems, is committed to changing the trajectory of human health, one baby at a time. Infinant's key asset, EVC001, is a specific strain of B. infantis and is vital to early development and unlocks the critical function of HMOs (Human Milk Oligosaccharides) to selectively benefit short- and long-term health.

This synergy between EVC001 and human milk is essential in developing a healthy microbiome, shaping immune system development, and moderating inflammation— and can save future generations from debilitating chronic conditions such as type 1 diabetes, allergies, necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), eczema, and other diseases that originate in childhood.

With the help of technologies such as metagenomics, bioinformatics, machine learning, and precision medicine, we accelerate our rate of discovery to continue building a portfolio of products and solutions that will mitigate the health challenges of the modern world. Since 2014, Infinant Health has built substantial science and technology assets, focused on the nutrition, biochemistry, and physiology of the developing infant gut microbiome. For more information, please visit us at  infinanthealth.com, or find us at @Infinant Health on LinkedIn, at @InfinantHealth on Twitter, at @InfinantHealth on Instagram, at @Infinanthealth on TikTok, at @InfinantHealth on Facebook and at @Infinant Health YouTube.

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