Ariadne Genomics, Inc.'s Pathway Studio(R) Explore Makes Visualizing Pathways Easy For Affymetrix (Bedford, Massachusetts) Geneatlas(TM) Personal Microarray System

Published: Apr 15, 2010

ROCKVILLE, MD, April 14, 2010 – Ariadne announces the launch of Pathway Studio Explore for the Affymetrix GeneAtlas™ Personal Microarray System. Ariadne’s Pathway Studio Explore provides a biological context for the analysis of gene expression data to identify biological signal flow, key regulators, and affected pathways. Pathway Studio Explore can build and explore protein interaction networks, perform network analysis of experimental data using powerful data mining and network building tools. Part of the GeneAtlas personal microarray system from Affymetrix, Pathway Studio Explore offers customers easy-to-use data analysis and visualization software provided with instrumentation that is easily installed on any laboratory computer.

“Pathway Studio Explore can help microarray users obtain biologically relevant results immediately from their experiments through visualization effects in a pathway or network context”, says Gabriella Armin, Director of Marketing for Ariadne. “The GeneAtlas system along with Pathway Studio Explore eliminates complex workflows and analysis for researchers with little to no microarray experience. Pathway Studio Explore is a streamlined version of Ariadne’s more comprehensive Pathway Studio Desktop software and has been designed for researchers who are just getting started with microarray analysis.”

The GeneAtlas system employs software from Partek and Ariadne to drive workflow-driven statistical and pathway analysis. “The partnership with Affymetrix showcases the flexibility of our technology to be adaptable to various types of profiling instrumentation”, says Ilya Mazo, PhD, President and CEO of Ariadne. “Ariadne has enjoyed a long relationship with Affymetrix and their GeneChip-compatible Applications Program, having analyzed gene expression data and provided pathway-level annotation and functional analysis for Affymetrix microarray systems since 2006. We feel that relationship continues to grow as we find new ways to serve the common research communities."

The Pathway Studio Explore is available directly from Affymetrix and the GeneAtlas microarray system at

For more information about Pathway Studio Explore, please contact Ariadne at 240-453-6296 or About Ariadne Ariadne (, a leader in bioinformatics, designs and develops software and knowledge integration solutions for pharmaceutical and life science researchers. Pathway Studio, Ariadne's premier software product is an integrated database, supporting multiple omics profiling technologies, text mining, and experimental data analysis tools that provide an interactive scaffold for defining and testing in silico-based hypotheses across a wide range of disciplines. Pathway Studio includes a family of ResNet® databases of biological relationships and curated pathways, both canonical and expert driven. The databases are powered by MedScan® technology, which researchers can use to edit and enhance database content from current literature and by adding proprietary data, experimental data from multiple omics profiling technologies and biological relationships, creating a unique and focused knowledgebase. A wide range of applications are supported including mechanistic modeling of disease, drug action and toxicity, as well as biomarker discovery, cellular and network pathway building, protein-protein interactions and much more. Pathway Studio is available in desktop and enterprise versions.

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