credentis ag Release: "Filling Without Drilling" Secures £1 Million Investment

Published: May 08, 2012

May 08, 2012 -- The Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) at the University of Leeds and credentis ag have jointly secured £1 million to develop technology that promises to transform the approach to filling teeth forever.

The investment will support a collaborative project between University of Leeds researchers and the Swiss start-up company credentis ag to further develop a treatment that can reverse early-stage tooth decay.

The technology – dubbed ‘Filling without Drilling’ – is based on a peptide fluid that is painted onto the tooth. The fluid seeps into the pores of early-stage lesions where it imitates the conditions that occur during normal tooth development. This allows the tooth to repair itself naturally, using calcium ions that are already present.

The ‘Filling without Drilling’ technology was licensed to credentis in 2010. This new investment will support further development, leading to further commercialisation of the technology.

The research will be led from the University of Leeds by Professor Jennifer Kirkham and Dr Amalia Aggeli. A Technology Innovation Manager from the University’s IKC will support the project from inception to completion, identifying and reducing risks to ensure successful delivery of the commercial product.

“The extra funding of over a million pounds will really make a difference to developing products that will benefit our whole society” said Professor Jennifer Kirkham, “The team here at Leeds, and credentis, are really excited about where this project will lead”.

“The received grant will enable us – the University of Leeds and credentis – to develop products which will offer a win-win situation, helping the dentists to provide their patients with advanced dental care and the patients to avoid unpleasant drill and fill treatments,” said Dr Dominik Lysek, CEO of credentis ag.

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About the Medical Technologies IKC

The Medical Technologies IKC at the University of Leeds aims to deliver successful innovation and accelerated delivery of medical technologies and regenerative therapies to patients. The IKC focus on closing the technology gap to de-risk new medical technology products and services so that they are more likely to secure significant industrial investment. They concentrate on the commercial development of new technologies that will deliver 50 active years after 50® by helping the body repair and restore function.

The IKC has recently secured a further £2m of funding from the EPSRC, BBSRC and the Technology Strategy Board to continue the acceleration of commercial developments of new medical technology products and services. The funding will be used to support a further 10 ‘proof of concept’ projects in the specific innovation areas of medical devices, biological scaffolds, autologous stem cells, biosensors and biomarkers, medical imaging and enabling technologies which supports and underpins the pre-clinical validation of medical devices.

For further information or to enquire about collaboration, visit www.medical- or email . Follow us on Twitter @medtechleeds

About credentis ag

credentis has its headquarters in the Technopark® Aargau, Windisch, Switzerland; credentis’ aim is to bring the self-assembling peptide technology developed at the University of Leeds to market. Curodont™, with its main component the self- assembling peptide P11-4, is the first product for which credentis has obtained market approval (CE-label). Curodont™ provides dentists with a novel technology to regenerate rather than repair carious and similar tooth lesions. Applied to an early caries lesion, Curodont™ forms a scaffold of small fibres within the lesion around which new enamel or dentin can form and grow. Ideally, within several weeks the lesion will regenerate without drilling and filling.

For further information, visit or email

For further details contact:

Dominik Lysek

Chief Executive Officer | credentis ag | Dorfstrasse 96 | CH-5210 Windisch

T: +41 56 560 2044


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