BAS Biological Alarm Systems Ltd Announces Its New Biodetector For Real-Time Bioterrorism Detection

Published: Mar 26, 2006

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL, March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- BAS Biological Alarm Systems Ltd has developed BAS101 - a high performance, selective, compact alarm system for the continuous rapid detection of biological hazards in public places. As biological terrorism and warfare become increasingly more sophisticated, creating an advanced, global, early detection system is essential for effective homeland security.

The proprietary BAS101 is a fully automated, real-time biological agent detection system that performs on-line air monitoring in a cost effective and efficient manner, with minimal operating costs. Networked or operated as a stand-alone point detection system, BAS101 allows for better protection against, and management of, a biological attack.

The BAS101 system is stationed on-site for continuous monitoring and is designed to work like a "smoke detector", but for pathogens. This early-detection, real-time system is targeted mainly for civil applications, in which the public is at high risk of exposure to covert releases of bio-agents, such as office complexes, convention centers, train stations, airports, malls, underground subways, schools and hospitals, and as part of a monitoring network for urban areas and major gatherings.

BAS101 is fast, selective, has a high degree of sensitivity and works continuously. Its compact size, 3-4 kgs, short response time, and low maintenance make it extremely cost effective. It was designed with efficiency and ease of use as top priorities, and its prototype has shown reliable results in all of its testing.

BAS will be establishing beta sites for BAS101 with a leading international air carrier, at a shopping mall and in a large hospital.

About the Company

BAS Biological Alarm Systems Ltd. is a high tech start-up company specializing in homeland security. The company has a talented and experienced management team that combines backgrounds in optic physics, engineering, microbiology and business. The company is currently operating in GreenTech, the environmental division of the Mofet B'Yehuda Technological and Business Incubator.

For further information contact: Ilana Lieberman Tel: +972-54-522-5819 Fax: +972-3-950-5285 E-mail:

BAS - Biological Alarm System

CONTACT: For further information contact: Ilana Lieberman, Tel:+972-54-522-5819, Fax: +972-3-950-5285, E-mail:,

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