China May Overtake India In Biotech

With India and China becoming hotbeds for the biotech industry, can they work together to make the Asia-Pacific region a super power? While few ponder over the China growth factor overtaking the Indian biotech lindustry in terms of revenue, research and marketability, many feel that there is a need for strict implementation of IP regime on those innovative products in order to become global. Lest, they can be taken over by the western companies for their traditional medicinal knowledge. While both the countries have signed agreements to improve bilateral relations, the Chinese biotech industry seems to be growing faster but in a silent way, compared to the Indian industry. However, both have to necessarily strengthen their IP laws in order to become global players. “Chinese biotech companies are getting enough support from their respective local governments unlike ours,” observed Varaprasad Reddy, managing director, Shanta Biotechnics.

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