AbbVie, Others Spring Into New Real Estate, Personnel Investments

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With Spring comes new beginnings, and companies within the biopharmaceutical industry are blossoming with fresh ventures. Here are some of them: 

AbbVie Opens New Facility in South San Francisco

AbbVie celebrated the opening of the its new Bay Area site this week. The 480,000 square foot facility adds another footprint to AbbVie's expansive global presence, enabling research collaborations with experts that were previously working in separate locations. 

The opening will lead to the creation of various positions related to oncology research, new drug discovery and regulatory affairs, as well as many others. Summarizing the motive behind opening the new facility, Bay Area site head, VP and head of Oncology Early Development Mo Trikha said, "proximity makes it easier for us to work together to advance science."

Abzena Opens New Biologics Testing Lab

San Diego, California, will be the home of Abzena's new Biologics Lab for research, development and manufacturing. The site will act as the data backbone for Abzena's partners' regulatory filing endeavors, whether for a biologic or antibody drug conjugate (ADC). 

Bode Technology Expands in Fairfax County

Virginia-based Bode Technology will expand its presence in the biotech industry by opening over 70 new positions to support continued growth. In addition, 70 new lab benches and updated technology will assist new personnel in laboratory crime-fighting. The private forensic company works diligently to clear the heavily publicized backlog of sexual assault kits. In December 2021, Bode's efforts contributed to catching a serial killer operating in multiple jurisdictions near Washington D.C.

Yale Announces the Creation of the Yale Ventures Initiative

Yale Daily News released a statement regarding Yale University's latest move to support student entrepreneurship, the Yale Venture Initiative. Led by Josh Geballe, four units will comprise the larger initiative: Intellectual Property and Licensing Services, Innovation Training and Startups, Corporate Partnerships, and Innovation Community. Geballe was appointed Senior Associate Provost for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The newspaper quoted Geballe as saying that he "intends to play a key role in making New Haven a globally recognized hub of innovation, and this is the ideal time to undergo this exciting transformation."

New Genomics Building at UAB will Bring World-Class Medical Innovation

The University of Alabama at Birmingham's new Altec/Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences building and Marnix E. Heersink Institute for Biomedical Innovation Conference Center is a proud moment for the college's president, Ray Watts M.D. At the opening ceremony, held at the new facility site, Watts shared a philanthropic motivation: "Advancements in precision medicine, informatics and data sciences will now be accelerated, and we will gain greater understanding of the roles our genes and the environment play in major human diseases. These discoveries will lead to the development of new lifesaving treatments."

The 175,000 square-foot project is estimated to cost nearly $55 million and is being funded by Alabama's state Public School and College Authority, with additional contributions made by Jefferson County, Marnic and Mary Heersink, and university donors. Research conducted at the facility will focus on genomics and personalized medicine, which is considered the "future of modern medicine" by Alabama governor Kay Ivey. 

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