Cardiac Insight Secures First Cardiology Customers for Its Wearable ECG Sensor, Cardea SOLO™

Early physician and patient experiences with Cardea SOLO are confirming the FDA-cleared cardiac device, designed to streamline arrhythmia detection in patients, is providing a higher standard of ambulatory cardiac care and efficiencies in cardiac practices.

Nov. 15, 2017 14:00 UTC

Cardea SOLO Device and Software Analysis System Confirmed to Simplify and Enhance Patient Experience, Cardiac Arrhythmia Data Reporting and Time-to-Diagnosis and Treatment

KIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Cardiac Insight, a U.S. developer of wearable medical devices and diagnostic software, announced today that the company has secured its first cardiology customers for its wearable ECG sensor device, Cardea SOLO, in Texas and several other states. Early physician and patient experiences with Cardea SOLO are confirming the FDA-cleared cardiac device, designed to streamline arrhythmia detection in patients, is providing a higher standard of ambulatory cardiac care and efficiencies in cardiac practices.

“Cardiology Partners is focused on bringing the best and most sophisticated cardiology care to our community and patients. Cardea SOLO’s superior approach to arrhythmia reporting and monitoring is contributing to this goal,” said Dr. James Richardson, cardiologist and partner in Cardiology Partners with clinics in Mansfield and Arlington, Texas.

“Lives and costs can be saved with our advanced ECG solution. Cardea SOLO brings capabilities and benefits no other wearable cardiac monitoring technology can offer when it comes to ambulatory arrhythmia diagnosis,” said Brad Harlow, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cardiac Insight, Inc.

Harlow claims the growing interest in the company’s flagship product Cardea SOLO, a 7-day wearable ECG sensor and unique arrhythmia detection software, is due to the convergence of the most desirable benefits now available in a single monitoring system:

  • Cardea SOLO’s compact, cable-free ECG device records every heart beat, yet offers longer, comfortable and nonintrusive diagnostic wear time that improves a patient’s experience and compliance, especially when compared to a traditional 48-hour ECG monitor.
  • Its standalone plug-and-play ECG arrhythmia analysis and reporting system seamlessly integrates into a cardiology or other medical clinic’s existing operational infrastructure, keeping patient data secure and available immediately for review.

Cardea SOLO is small, lightweight (about the weight of three quarters), water-resistant and single-use disposable. Richardson said his patients like how easy it is to wear and how quickly they can receive their cardiac report results, which can relieve concerns about symptoms or can shorten time to needed treatment.

“Our patients comment that Cardea SOLO feels more like a stick-on bandage rather than a cumbersome cardiac monitoring device with wires, or one that requires extended wear time and typically takes longer to get test results,” said Richardson. “With Cardea SOLO, patients can come to our clinic, have the device, which we keep stocked on site, quickly applied and then go about their regular activities while wearing it. Because Cardea SOLO is durable and unobtrusive, it increases the likelihood patients will wear the device, improving compliance and our ability to capture actionable patient data for diagnosis.”

Bob Odell, Chief Operating Officer of Cardiac Insight, added that Cardea SOLO is the only single-lead, cable-free ECG wearable with a Windows®-based software analysis system that can produce a concise and full-disclosure report of findings for immediate clinician review – right in the doctor’s office. “Cardea SOLO can trim days or weeks off the previously required cardiac data cycle time needed with third-parties involved,” said Odell.

“The device and system puts the cardiology data in our hands in a timely, comprehensive and secure manner and raises our level of capabilities above other practices,” said Richardson. “Because Cardea SOLO empowers us with more efficient and enhanced reporting within our clinics and practices, we can provide increased 1:1 interaction with patients. That can only mean immediate and long-term benefits for all involved.”

In September, Cardiac Insight announced another infusion of investment into its active C-1 funding round and development of a Scientific Advisory Board.

Cardea SOLO is available by contacting

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