xCures Partners With Massive Bio to Help Advanced Cancer Patients Find the Right Treatment Options 

June 29, 2021 12:00 UTC


Collaboration between leading AI-enabled oncology corporations helps provide the best arsenal available for advanced cancer patients 


NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today, xCures announced their collaboration with Massive Bio Inc. This partnership ensures that advanced cancer patients and their physicians have access to the best treatment options available. Massive Bio is a leader in AI-enabled patient-centric clinical trial enrollment whose mission is to provide cancer patients access to clinical trials regardless of their location or financial situation.

"Clinical trials are an important access mechanism for investigational therapies and xCures' partnership with Massive Bio is an important step in our shared mission to bring cancer patients the best possible treatment options," stated Mika Newton, xCures' CEO. "Massive Bio’s acceleration of the enrollment process for all patients that can benefit from clinical trials aligns with xCures’ capability to identify treatment options across multiple access pathways including providing options for those patients who are unable to participate in clinical trials."

xCures’ xINFORM application leverages AI and predictive modeling to identify and rank the most promising treatment options for advanced cancer patients and Massive Bio is a leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled oncology clinical trial enrollment. Through their collaboration, the two AI-powered patient-centric corporations will work synergistically to further help patients and physicians at every step of their cancer journey.

"We are excited to partner with a like-minded organization," Massive Bio co-founder and CEO Selin Kurnaz stated. "Our collaboration with xCures will allow us to increase our patient access and empower more cancer patients to benefit from life-changing clinical trials rapidly and at scale. We look forward to collectively tackle issues and innovate with cutting edge technology, real-world data, and high-value-added services."

About Massive Bio

Massive Bio's (https://massivebio.com/) mission is to provide access to clinical trials for every cancer patient regardless of his/her location and/or financial stability. Massive Bio’s AI-driven platform connects cancer patients and their oncologists to bio-pharmaceutical clinical trials yielding profound improvement in access and match rates, leading to faster drug development timelines, and creating a novel oncology data ecosystem for improved protocol design and real-world insights. Massive Bio controls the patient enrollment value chain starting patient identification, followed with AI-based virtual pre-screening outside the site and resolving last mile issues for clinical trial enrollment. While improving cancer patients lives, Massive Bio serves close to two dozen pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs) and providers. Oncology dedicated patient recruitment, site selection, real-world data services and AI-based scaled trial prescreening services are provided to its enterprise customers. Massive Bio was founded in 2015, is headquartered in NYC and is privately funded by strategic and financial investors. For more information, visit https://massivebio.com/ or contact support@massivebio.com

About xCures

xCures Inc. operates an AI-assisted platform that connects cancer patients and physicians with optimal investigational or approved therapies. The platform prospectively generates real-world evidence for clinical studies and decentralized trials. For more information, visit www.xcures.com or contact info@xcures.com.


Selin Kurnaz, PhD
Co-founder and CEO of Massive Bio


Source: Massive Bio Inc.

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