Spinnovation Biologics CEO Discusses NMR-based Methods for Bioprocess Optimization at Boston Summit

Published: Aug 18, 2011

18 August 2011: Spinnovation, Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Spinnovation Managing Director, Dr Frederic Girard, will discuss the 'Application of Innovative NMR-based Methods for Bioprocess Optimization and Monitoring of Biological Production' as part of the short course 'Optimizing Media – Achieving Super Soup' being held at this year's Bioprocessing Summit in Boston, MA (22-25 August 2011). The course runs on the morning of Monday 22 August starting at 08.30am.

"This short course is aimed at helping research teams to optimize their cell cultures, setting them up for upstream processing. It is particularly relevant to those who are involved in R&D and the development of biologics, including antibodies and viruses, especially using mammalian cell cultures", said Dr Girard. "My presentation will introduce the basics of NMR technology and methods, and go on to explore how it may be applied to monitor cell cultures and rapidly optimize culture media, and finally examine the benefits it delivers."

Cell culture process development and optimization is critical for the commercially viable production of recombinant protein products and antibodies. Spinnovation Biologics' innovative Spedia-NMR™ profiling methodology provides significant advantage as an analytical and development tool to fully understand and control cell growth conditions as early as possible. Applying Spedia-NMR™ to cell culture samples provides rapid results (usually within five days) to allow optimization of: feed strategies, media formulation and process parameters.

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About Spinnovation Analytical BV

Spinnovation Biologics is a division of Spinnovation Analytical BV (Nijmegen, The Netherlands, www.spinnovation-analytical.com).

Spinnovation is a contract research organization expert in delivering analytical services to the Industry (Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals/Polymers, Food Products). Its expertise and core activity focuses on the use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) and Mass Spectrometry (MS) to study molecules and materials.

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