Signs It May Be Time to Quit (Just Kiddin' Version)

Published: Jun 06, 2007

By Cynthia M Piccolo

The Top 10 Signs That it May Be Time to Quit:

  • Your boss suggests that you may want to quit.

  • You return from two weeks of vacation and no one had noticed that you'd been away.

  • You're never sure that you've left work until you notice the change of clothes.

  • You have made voodoo dolls to represent everyone in your workplace.

  • You want an office with a window so that you can jump out of it.

  • Flipping burgers doesn't seem like that bad of a career move.

  • A second corporate team-building exercise in the mountains is being planned, and last time, five people never returned and haven't been heard from since.

  • You read the Dilbert cartoon and don't know whether to laugh or cry.

  • You start to envy the dead.

  • You make up lists about why you know it's time to quit.

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