Scientific Reports: Research Study on Finding Balance through the Tamarkoz® Method


DAVIS, Calif., July 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Finding Balance in Chaotic and Stressful Circumstances is not easy for anyone. However, according to a public health research study published today in the Scientific Reports, even during the most stressful situations, the Tamarkoz method of meditation is a scientifically sound solution.

Stress is affecting the health and well-being of many Americans, costing America $1 billion a day in medical costs. High stress is correlated with poor sleep quality, depression, anxiety, suicide ideation and heart disease. The American Heart Association projects that by 2035, nearly half of the U.S. population will have some form of heart disease and costs associated with it will skyrocket to $1.1 trillion.

According to the study, the Tamarkoz method significantly decreases high levels of chronic stress and heart rate, while it significantly increases positive emotions (i.e., love, joy, pride, contentment, amusement, awe, compassion), and daily spiritual experiences compared to two control groups with a diverse population. 57% of the study population were atheist or agonist. The practice is not limited to those who declare a religious affiliation.

The study also emphasizes that for well-being to ensue, it's not enough to just reduce negative feelings. But rather it is important to actively work on increasing positive feelings simultaneously. Spiritual-based practices help  strengthen positive emotions. Positive emotions help people cope with stress, in that they reduce focus on negative emotions, and thereby reduce the body's physiological response to stress. Furthermore, they induce creativity in problem solving which improves the way people cope during crises.

The Tamarkoz method is defined as the art of self-knowledge through concentration and meditation. It is a 1400-year practice of Sufism and in its current form is unique to M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi, School of Islamic Sufism®. Tamarkoz entails deep breathing techniques, mind relaxation, movement balancing meditation, deep relaxation and concentration, guided visualizations, and heart-focused meditation. Currently, it is offered for-credit at University of California, Davis and Berkeley. In addition to available exercises on the Tamarkoz App, Free IG Live Tamarkoz sessions are provided daily in 11 languages.

UC students who have taken Tamarkoz classes for credit have described it as life changing: "I've never felt this much peace within myself, and I believe that everyone would benefit from trying the practice."

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