Quanterix Issued Key Patent for Simoa™ Technology

LEXINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quanterix Corporation, developer of the Single Molecule Array (Simoa) technology, announced today that it had been issued a US Patent for ultra-sensitive detection of molecules. The patent issue marks another milestone for Quanterix and highlights the achievements of the company’s scientific team for developing a truly novel approach to single molecule immunoassays. The ability to trap individual molecules in arrays of femtoliter wells and to count each one in a digital fashion allows measurement of proteins or nucleic acids at sub-femtomolar concentrations with great precision. This revolutionary approach enables the detection and quantification of biomarkers previously difficult or impossible to measure, opening up new applications that address significant unmet needs in life science research, companion diagnostics, specialty in-vitro diagnostics, blood screening, food testing and biothreat detection.

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