Powering Precision Health Founder to Speak at Future of Health Conference

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kevin Hrusovsky, acclaimed thought leader and precision health visionary, will take the stage at PULSE: The Atlantic Summit on Health Care (PULSE) to articulate his vision on transforming our current health care system from managing disease to managing health. “The Potential of Precision Medicine” session will be held Monday, April 9 at 2:45 p.m. ET.

Hrusovsky, founder of the annual Powering Precision Health Summit, will join leaders from across the country and Boston’s revered medical community at PULSE. In an interview-style discussion with The Atlantic’s senior editor James Hamblin, Hrusovsky will explain that precision medicine is currently being used to treat disease, when in fact, recent technological advancements make it possible to effectively monitor healthy individuals to prevent disease before it even takes hold.

“What if we can see a neurological disease or cancers months or years before symptoms are triggered, when the disease is most treatable or curable?” said Hrusovsky. “We need to shift our thinking from treating disease to managing health – and we’re starting to develop the technology to do just that. One day, our doctors will be trained to read blood biomarker algorithms to catch disease at its earliest, or prevent disease altogether, rather than being trained to read symptoms. This will allow providers to make a diagnosis once the disease cascade has progressed to a point of triggering symptoms.”

Technology is allowing researchers to see indications of disease in blood – long before symptoms ever appear – with the opportunity to radically shift our health care model. Hrusovsky will detail the areas where the medical community is making progress, such as oncology, neurology, infectious disease, and discuss how measuring protein concentrations at the femtomolar level found in the body, or biomarkers, is not only revolutionizing the way we treat patients today, but will also help enable disease prevention tomorrow.

“I believe with precision health, by 2030, health care could be transformed from reactive, costly treatments to proactive, personalized disease prevention, reducing costs by 40 percent, increasing access by 60 percent and increasing productive life expectancy by eight years,” added Hrusovsky, sharing his vision for the future of precision health. “At a time when obesity, drug addictions, sleep disorders and reported traumatic brain injuries are peaking, negatively impacting U.S. life expectancy and health care expenditures, these challenging developments make our work to realize precision health even more urgent and imperative. We need to work together to change our health care model.”

PULSE brings together top minds shaping health care – medical experts, industry leaders, patients and policymakers – to explore the future of our health care system. The summit takes place April 9 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. ET at the Intercontinental Boston (510 Atlantic Avenue). To register or tune-in to the livestream, visit: https://pulsehealthcare.splashthat.com/.

About Powering Precision Health

Powering Precision Health is the nation's first summit dedicated to bringing the world's top physicians, scientists, innovators and patient advocates together to collaborate on the latest research on new biomarkers that are revolutionizing medicine. Founded by Kevin Hrusovsky, the acclaimed thought leader and visionary in life sciences and personalized health, PPHS is an executive think tank of researchers and clinicians working together to transform healthcare. Addressing key therapeutic areas including neurology, cardiology, oncology and infectious disease, PPHS unveils groundbreaking approaches for the prevention, early detection and diagnosis, and personalized treatment of disease. Join the movement on social media using #PPHSUMMIT on Twitter @KevinHrusovsky and @PPHSUMMIT, Facebook @PPHSUMMIT, and LinkedIn.

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