Medmeme Delta Gains Validation as Market’s First and Only Measurement System for Medical Affairs Performance

Momentum Comes As Pharmaceutical Companies Seek Greater Efficiency and Accuracy When Assessing the Impact of Scientific Journals and Conferences

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Medmeme, the global medical science analytic and measurement company, today announced that its Delta platform has experienced significant, scientific validation of its underlying algorithms. Delta uses the world’s largest database of published and presented medical scientific literature to help medical affairs teams plan and quantify the effectiveness of each activity—both in their own organizations and among competitors. Since launching in early 2018, the algorithms and scoring metrics that power Delta to evaluate the impact of both scientific conferences and journals have now been affirmed by acceptance of recent poster presentations at both the Medical Affairs Professional Society's Annual Meeting and the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals’ Annual Meeting.

While Journal Impact Factor (JIF) metrics are well established and accepted in pharmaceutical companies’ publication planning, they are wrought with limitations as data is often not current, scores can be influenced by a few high-profile articles that skew citation volume, and lower-ranked, yet highly targeted journals are often overlooked. Moreover, scientific conferences continue to be principle venues for the release of new and important advances in medicine, yet there have been no metrics available for the evaluation and selection of scientific conferences by impact. These gaps not only cause medical affairs teams to continue to operate on gut instincts, intuition or hearsay, but also can cost pharmaceutical companies considerable time and money as they waste cycles pursuing journals, conferences and key opinion leaders that may not be best for the specific therapy they are trying to bring to market.

Delta solves these challenges - bringing objectivity, efficiency and reliability to the process - by transforming complex and often chaotic sets of global data into current, credible and actionable intelligence. Delta is the only solution available that augments readily available journal abstracts with information and analysis from conferences, and it also integrates that information to disambiguate authors and presenters across all therapeutic areas. The platform collects and analyzes abstracts from all current PubMed journals and 15,000 conferences, a database that is constantly growing as Medmeme brings on additional sources.

Because it is the most comprehensive platform, it is also uniquely positioned to help companies measure the effectiveness of their medical affairs departments. Delta includes insight into Share of Scientific Voice, an increasingly common metric pioneered by Medmeme, as well as one-of-a-kind measurements for Share of Scientific Impact and Impact Multiple—both of which provide an unprecedented ability to understand the effectiveness of placed abstracts, key opinion leaders, institutions, impact compared to competitors and more.

“At a time when bringing a drug to market can cost pharmaceutical companies upwards of $2 billion dollars and 12 years of time, every opportunity to work smarter and faster in that process is not only significant, but potentially ‘make or break’ when it comes to the success or failure of a product,” said Simon Mason, Chief Commercial Officer, Medmeme. “Delta provides medical affairs teams with an unprecedented advantage by being able to understand what is working—or not—in both their efforts and, perhaps more importantly, that of their competitors. We took tremendous care building the most comprehensive database, algorithms and metrics, and it is rewarding to see that work be recognized by both customers and the broader industry.”

The posters that validated Delta’s algorithms and scoring methods are available on the company’s website—one on Scientific Conference Impact and one on Scientific Journal Impact. To learn more about Delta, visit

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