Medical Therapeutics Moving Forward with New Office Location with Established 2700 Patient Database

PITTSBURGH, PA, July 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- View Systems, Inc. (OTC: VSYM) today announced that its new medical division, Medical Therapeutics, a concierge medical service providing sexual health therapies is opening a new medical facility in Pittsburgh, PA to continue servicing clients from this area.  This new office is in Monroeville in the heart of Pittsburgh’s medical centers.  

The Company expects this office location to grow rapidly by taking advantage of a 2700 patient database from a former competitor that went out of business due to its owner’s family and legal issues.  This clinic was generating close to $ 2 Million ($1.8M) in revenue prior to closing two years ago.  Medical Therapeutics’ marketing division has been actively calling this patient database and has generated over 70 firm appointments to date with patients that are anxious to continue their therapy.   Medical Therapeutics’ male enhancement product offerings applied in a clinic setting have shown tremendous success.

Medical Therapeutics has been contacted by Primary Care Physicians (PCP) in this area who will refer their patients with Erectile Dysfunction and other male hormonal issues to this new facility.  Generally, PCP’s only provide their patients with prescriptions for the name brand pills commonly associated with E.D.  These pills stop working for many patients and PCP’s will be happy to refer their patients to an alternative treatment.  The side effects of the ordinary main stream ED medicines are contraindicative to their use.

Medical Therapeutics has been adding a select variety of highly effective procedures to its portfolio of products.  The Company expects to continue to expand its product offerings to satisfy the needs of their patients by offering ancillary services that will grow their business while enhancing shareholder value.

William Kelly, Director of Operations, states, "We have been preparing for this new office location for some time by contacting patients and preparing them for our arrival.  My contacts in the area will allow us to grow rapidly while supporting the Baltimore office and other locations in the works.” 

About View Systems/Medical Therapeutics:

View Systems’s subsidiary Medical Therapeutics is opening medical clinics offering a variety of specialized procedures to appropriate patient demographics. View Systems Inc. continues to provide security and surveillance products to law enforcement facilities such as correctional institutions as well as to government agencies, schools, courthouses, event and sports venues, the military, and commercial businesses. 

Gunther Than

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